DD TV The Viewer – July 2014

Aside the only official Oscar’s ceremony held in LA every year, this is the place where we post our feedback on the most impressive movies we have watched in these past few months.
We use the following “rough” method for the rating.
*** (3 stars) good movie, but not excellent
**** (4 stars) great
***** (5 stars) don’t miss it, highly recommended

BURNING BUSH – the History of Jan Palach
It actually is the bio-pic of the heroes and of the facts happened in the Czech Republic in the late 60s, during the rebellion against the Soviet invasion. Jan Palach was a Prague University student who joined a secret association of young rebels: they proposed a general strike in the country, otherwise he claimed he could have been the first one to get burnt alive. He was the first victim-hero of the so-called “Prague Spring” and the other members threatened with using their bodies as torches if a general strike wasn’t allowed. The rest is history.
Although there is much romance in the language, in the story, the motion picture is impressive and it really reflects everything happened; it’s not biased.
***** to recommend to the young students of this generation
**** to the strong message given in the story.

JOHN CARTER with Taylor Nash and Ed Harris
It is a sci-fi movie, recently shot and released worldwide, which was aired for the first time in Italy this past late February to try re-conquering the cinema viewers it failed to have when the movie was out.
My impression is not a very positive one: I’d save only the special effects.
John Carter is a hero of the American Secession War. One day a group of aliens visit him and take him to Mars. Here our man finds out the planet is in a similar situation as of Earth: two opposite factions are fighting to save their kingdoms. John falls in love with the Princess of one of the two kingdoms and blah… blah…
The story is a bit silly and it’s not original: kids in the 80s would remember the “Never Ending Story” movie, but there it was a boy who was captured in a fancy world by reading a special book.
The aliens looked like the classic way we still imagine they are: green skinned, taller than we humans are: with arms and legs. These ones had four arms and … looked so sexy!
I enjoyed it, but it is not a sci-fi movie I’d recommend to my friends to watch!

SNOW WHITE with Lilly Collins and Julia Roberts
The story is in a different key than the original fairy tale is: i.e. the Dwarves in the movie are fake giants, and there is a large mention of the life run by the inhabitants of the kingdom. (There is not mention in the fairy tale; the movie looks “more social”, sort of).
The “Mirror mirror of the wall…” is one of my fave portions in the movie. I just loved the ironical cruelty, to some extent, used by the seven dwarves to play their part.
I must confess I was skeptical about the rendition of the famous fairy tale, I was critical, but after a few I loved it. I admire the bravery of the whole crew to make this film.
I’d recommend the kids to read the original tale, first.
**** 4 stars to the special effects, to the actors, main and not,

It deals with a disaster movie recently shot.
An asteroid hits the planet trespassing it from an end to another: the impact stops the earth rotation and the Earth protective magnetic shield naturally produced by the rotation collapses and other disasters happen in various areas on the planet, killing a good number of people.
Some brave scientists of the major Space Agencies and NASA collaborate to find a solution and while investigating, they discover it wasn’t actually an asteroid to make such damage, but a “dubious” project of a weapon designed by two crazy scientists: now a race against time kicks off to capture the two geniuses and to save the highest number of people survived.
I enjoyed it: it features action, suspense, and thrill. Only, given some points in the story in common with the other sci-fi disaster movie titled “The Core”, I referred to it as “The Core amplified and louder”. With all my respect to actors, to the amazing special effects, to the directors, compared to the “The Core” this is a B movie.

PELHAM 123 – with John Travolta (2009)
John Travolta, whose make-up in the movie made him not immediately recognizable, was the boss of a gang of criminals who takes as hostage a whole crowded train of the New York City Subway. The contacts of the deal are between him and an employee of the NYC Subway Headquarters. Travolta trusts only on his voice and he wants the employee personally to bring there the bags filled with the money of the ransom Travolta requested.
The Police instruct the poor employee on how to approach and how to let them help killing Travolta. The finale is amazing: the employee/hero kills John T. and saves all of the passengers.
I’ve never seen John Travolta covering a dramatic role and I think here he did it very well! But the “employee/hero” was my favorite character. He was the sort of “James Dean- style” character in the story. I’d raise my hat also to the people who played the “passengers”: it’s not easy to play the victims.
Obscene language is spoken throughout the movie and it’s a little violent one.

Next update in October 2014.

DD TV xx


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