DD TV Glam Pop Party – Satire: open with care!

To confirm that the music fan’s life is funny, we are capturing and summarizing with the July 2014 chapter of this blog, the things that really are currently making us laugh the most.

From the “Would someone please explain?” book by Katy Krassner we laugh at the jokes/replies given in the handwritten Q&As off the central pages of the book. Hilarious.

Reading the official biographies of some of our heroes, these below are the things that made us laugh the most: (we’re re-writing the original portions, for kind permissions):

Quotes from “In the Pleasure Groove: love, death and Duran Duran”
STING: “We’ve got the Heartbreakers coming on next. You know they can’t play”
JT: “F*ck off!”
STING: ”Who said f*ck off?”
JT: “I did”
STING: “It’s true, they’re great guys, but they can’t play.”
JT: “F*ck off you wanker!”
STING: “You’ll see, the next song is called “Fall Out”, 1 2 3 4 5 …”
“In Australia I came to appreciate the rather strange phenomenon of meeting a girl in the hotel lobby upon check in and being in bed with her less than one hour later”
“We both felt a connection, but didn’t jump right into bed, which was odd, as at that moment in my life, I was jumping into bed with anything that moved.”
“Oh, you the ass*ole!”
“Moving Renée out and Sterling in was a disaster since day one”

Quotes from “Wild Boy: my life in Duran Duran”
“..some of the crew nicknamed them Hinge and Brackett from the drag queen TV show…”
“He (Mick Jagger) ’s mad, he was doing all that stuff in front of me that he does when he’s on stage”, laughed Tony (Thompson), describing how Jagger would strut up and down like a giant cockerel.”
(Hungry like the wolf, the clip) “So the story board for the video was basically “Indiana Jones is feeling horny and wants to get laid””
(Tony Thompson on the Power Station) “This will freak people out, two white boys from a pop band and two black dudes from Chic, they won’t be able to get their fucking heads around”

Satire is sometimes used in the video clips: we can remember the great Weird Al Yankovic, these days back again on top of the charts with his music parodies. More recently we could laugh at some clips of Eminem, like “Without me”, or “Slim Shady”. Video clips have been for a long time the visiting cards of music heroes, for, shooting clips to make people laugh wasn’t exactly the main target in order to sell records.

During the concerts we attended, we laughed at some jokes our fave musicians cracked, especially during the introduction of the band, whenever here are tentative of dancing, the falls on the stage, the undeliberate strip-teases, whenever the singers forget parts of the lyrics while performing .

The hoaxes on the internet, which are hard to be distinguished from the real news as hi-fi tech progress is helping to modify the reality, actually are designed and supposed to make every music fan laugh, but it usually depends what kind of audience the fake news involved. On our part, luckily we never believed in anything than of our heroes’ press releases and our heroes’ PR’s our club warnings.

The most hilarious pictures are the improvised ones, taken out of the official shoots, as they feature the most “natural and genuine” poses: the nicest are the “studio” ones, when they’re hilarious and ironic; the “on-the-road” ones are nicer: we thank the paparazzi for providing us those photos, but we don’t always appreciate their continuous violation of privacy.

DD TV xx.


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