The Music Awards: the meaning to the fans, the meaning to the artists

Wow… it’s hard to make credible pieces of music, to keep relevant and I’m going to speak of the last (the best?) phase of it all: the moment when your idol gets the Award.

I guess fans and musicians have to thank God for the existence of the Awards ceremonies: it’s a great opportunity to be watched on a TV station, it’s an opportunity not to miss if they have to promote and to perform their new music; they can be invited as a guests, so they can get flattered both if they are honored and if they’re nominated; it’s a great chance for us fans to have more publicity on our heroes, however those nights go on, it’s a great chance to just be proud of our heroes, in particular if they’re honored.

In the beginning the Awards ceremonies were seen as “local” events, then media grew up, the social media grew up and the “trophy nights” are now a global, cool moment that everyone can share; it has grown as a fruitful, productive business for the music industry, then for the television business.
Years ago, the new born “Awards” had the essential categories: Song, Album, Tour, and New Act. With the developing of new music genres, there are more categories; some o the new ones are named with sometimes hilarious words and not all of them aim to honor the artist musically. In the era of internet, artists and their fans have to face the Awards on line: only virtually trophies, which are gotten by people’s real votes, but physically never get them in their hands.

Radio station and magazines they do set up amazing Music Awards competitions, which, mostly, actually are followed by a loyal, but not global audience than the more televised Music Awards have; the radio/’zines Awards seem to often be taken more seriously by the fans.

Recently you have legendary musicians who are honored with a University honorary degree: you have an alternative business to music that recognizes their long time work. The Academic Awards, in fact, aren’t proper Music Awards, but it’s a way some of the “intellectual” part of the world approaches to music, paying those musicians an original homage and, to me, secondly, it could be a way to appeal young students to join that University.

Do the Music Awards help (more) the music industry, or are they just a form of amusement for the fans? In my opinion, they do help the music industry, because they might encourage the artists to come out and make better records: there is just too business, just so much money, just so much “noise” now behind these ceremonies.

How should my fave artists act like on the stage and/or during their Acceptance Speech? I’d like my heroes to have a positive and respectful approach to the ones honoring and, in particular, to their ex-mates/ex-rivals in case of Lifetime Achievement Awards; I’d love to see my guys respectful, nice and thankful to all of their fans, to always share with pride that music moment in the years to come.

To end, I guess its big fun from us fans guess the “will wins” and the “should wins” of the categories on the bills: I can try to use my “critics’ ear” and my heart guessing who would the winners be.

DD TV xxx.


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