Fu*k-it list – August 2014

You will find listed below and in no particular order, followed by a short comment, the things I just think I don’t love.

I don’t like feeling sick while on a tourist tour, wherever I may be.
I hate having to deal with stupid people and with ass*oles: it’s frustrating and it affects my personality in the long run!
I dislike the persisting, arrogant telemarketing phone calls of Telecom Italia, A2A, Eni, Enel: I do respect the call centers operators, but, especially women, they sometimes go near “stalking” .
I dislike to sometimes say :”I’m tired”
I am not enthusiastic about using the computer after dinner; I try to avoid doing it as much as I can.
I don’t like taken by surprise by the rain, especially when I’m not wearing the right shoes for rain. Umbrella might be enough, but the shoes are important, as well.
I don’t like few of the albums songs of my music heroes.
Again by the way of music and about the famous “Appreciation Days”: my appreciation didn’t fade, it simply moved to other periods of my heroes’ career.
I don’t like “Dallas”, Dynasty” and Falcon Crest”: the three major soap operas in the 80s I always ignored.
I don’t like and I fear the too hot fans in the arts, in sport, in music and in politics. I am in a state of awe, I get tongue-tied when with them. I regret for never being able to peacefully argue on whatever with these snob people.

DD TV xx.


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