DD TV – The Screamer August 2014


We do love trying to translate into our language, trying to “decode” their lyrics. When we were teens we loved decoding their interviews, too, but we had to stop it, as it was getting dangerous, because making “ours” what they said was a risk to get disillusioned, to know truths we never wanted to hear.
We think at the beginning of their careers, singers tend to sing on melodies with fantasy words: that could be the only way to appeal on a young audience. If their success is established, if there is a good relationship with a die-hard loyal fan base, they can start writing and performing on “wiser” lyrics.
Writing “hotter and stronger” topics (current news, war, tragic facts, hot topics in general, etc… ) is a game long time artists have to play: to be more appreciated by a larger number of listeners, by the critics who might finally remove their original clichés of “silly ones for sillier audiences”: it’s a step they necessarily have to take.
Consequentially, their voice changes, i.e. vocalists can “fit” to the new lyrics, in order to highlight on certain passages of the song, to show their feelings on the topic they’re singing about by using “tools” like falsetto, screams, loops, “robotic” vocals, duets and these “tools” all have a good impact on our ears.
Whenever performers try to “speak” of hot topics with their lyrics, banning and censorship are always behind, on the hunt and to hit at the right moment: media make hypes and that’s how “culture” is partially killed!
Privacy on their lyrics is hardly commercially successful, but easier to write on, because it’s easier to hide the facts of their family within the rhymes. Their private facts (both happy and sad moments, that is) can influence artists and help them making pop gems, but not often pop hits. We fans might be intrigued by how they “sing” of their life, but we end up as the only lonely listeners: a more global event can be a better “hook”, a global fact can be shared by more people.
Lyricists should be set free to choose their topics and we know that they usually don’t accept advice from others in the crew, or worse, from the strangers. Vocalists instead seem to appreciate more the suggestions given in the studio on how to sing, in order to highlight thru the voice, the “particular, hot passages” off their written lyrics.
New designs on the stage can highlight the songs with “strong lyrics” with special choreographies, with rearrangements on the vocals. Tours with such newly vocals on the set lists are usually the most memorable ones, just for the “wiser” vocal performances.
Critics and fans both appreciate the bravery of being open on hot topics, but they both argue on the “new” vocals.
The benchmarks to rate a topic a “hot” one today are totally changed than the ones of the 70s and 80s and also, today, people’s orientation more quickly change: it’s interesting to see how fast ad how much the vocalists fit their voices these days.

X FACTOR 2014 is kicking off next October on the Italian Sky TV : our feedback is following.
The judges/coaches have slightly changed, new celebrities have signed the contract for this edition: Victoria Cabello is a famous gracious presenter, who got her “pedigree” on MTV Italy, Fedez is one of the most loved Italian rappers.

We supported the rock team whose leader and coach was Piero Pelù, the frontman Italian rock band Litfiba. He had one of the best voices: a young guy whose falsetto and vocals recalled Robert Plant of Led Zeppelin. This young guy, mister Giacomo Voli, always performed rock songs… and it couldn’t be differently!
The new coach, J-Ax, was so lovely, nice and absolutely cut on all music, not only on his field, rap music. He was the coach of Sister Cristina, the young nun who, with a particular energy and vibe could amazingly perform 70s and 80s classics.
Noemi, the red haired coach looked nicer here in this disguise than when she performs on her own on the stage, although her giggles sometimes sounded out of place.
We noticed the high use of the falsetto vocal technique by few vocalists: it was embarrassing, at times. It seemed one wanted to steal the other’s falsetto… LOL!!

DD TV xx


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