DD TV Glam Pop Party – Music Awards and around

To follow is the list of the most important categories in the Award ceremonies, which, to us, they should never be removed.

Best Album
Artist in the Year
Best Tour – Concert
Best Breakthrough – Newcomer

To follow are some of the hilarious and odd names of Awards given.

The MTV TRL ones, who refer to the official above and re-formulate the categories names, hoping to add irony, but add sadness, too.
The Loudest Fans
The Largest Stage
The Unluckiest Audience
The Artist’s Best Make-up

To follow are the Awards which we think are unnecessary to musicians.

Generally, the Video Music Awards, because they don’t honour music, but the clips.
The Fashion Awards given to rock stars we think are a little out of place.
The Grammy Awards are just a confirmation of the various Music Awards gotten thru the year, but the Grammies are more respected by the fandom because the achievements are certified by the industry.

To follow are the Awards which we think should be added on the Awards bills and they aren’t in yet.

The Biggest Challenge Won Award
The Best Charity Action Award
The Best Music Surprise of the Year

DD TV xx.


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