DD TV The Reader – September 2014

I’ve read Proof of heaven by Eben Alexander
It’s an amazing book on a near-death experience lived by the American neurologist Eben Alexander. Few years back he got ill and suffered with E. Coli meningitis, who lead essential parts of his brain out of order and lead him into a 7 days deep coma.
On the 7th day he woke up and completely recovered, like a miracle, because in science literature his case was unique and his quick recovery is unique too.
The tale is about all what he saw in Heaven: he reached It with his soul (he refers to it as “consciousness”), who just flew out of his body. The description of Heaven is detailed… and real.
Well, I guess that since he’s a neuro – surgeon, his direct testimony can now make credible all of the rest of testimonies made by the other unfortunate ones who shared similar near-death experiences.
As for the spiritual message of the story, the skeptical ones can enjoy the part on God, the Angels, the Creatures described by doctor Alexander, but I don’t think the book would turn them into religious guys.

I’ve also read Rewards and Punishment by Peter Angela
It’s a good essay on the “rewards and punishments” systems in Italy and in few other countries. The author tries to make comparisons the laws regarding prizes and punishments in every little situation of everyday life.
I loved it for the very easy language used, so that every kind of reader can share what they read, in every age.
I can’t make a summary of this book because it doesn’t deal with a story; I have no science rules to explain – Peter Angela is one of the major science TV presenters – as rewards and punishments are not science topics. In the final lines, the author writes his conclusion, but it’s not a general rule, like for example, e = mc2 is.
The author’s name and the associated book title caught my attention, because it read an odd association for a science TV man; I also feared I was about to read a boring writing: instead it was funny and I even learnt little things on history and other concepts.

I’m currently reading “Tutti a casa! (Everybody get off!)” by Mario Giordano
This book is the author’s amazing inquiry and commentary on the Italian corruption, politicians’ staggering wages, on the tricks to obtain luxury houses at a lower rent…
It’s full of facts and figures, details: as a reader (then, maybe, as a voter) I wonder on the nature of our leaders, on their honesty and am certain that all the money given to them often ends up in the wrong hands.

I couldn’t find any critics nice review: they were on summer break and as much it happens in the music industry, summertime is never time for relevant book releases.

Next update in January 2015.

DD TV xx


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