The pioneers: the new jobs in (or and?) the new music

People are changing fast their habits and their needs, due to the freaky rhythms of life, due to a new world given by a global economic crisis, the fear for the international conflicts. I have to admit in every 6 months there is a new “boom” of whatever.

More specifically, the need of communication, of sharing, of being close has developed and quickly evolved the World Wide Web: it is now way different to the one created in Geneva at the famous C.E.R.N. Institute, in 1989. We have seen the file sharing and the e-commerce, now already passé; we are enjoying the social sites: we are trying the smart-phones growth and the related “Apps” new business.

Pioneers in the best known meaning of the term, in my generation back in the 80s took longer to invent a breakthrough; today it’s a little harder for them to, it’s a big challenge, because: a) there is shortage in the resources to invest in, these new nerds have to be prepared to fix every new situation, b) have to think in a more versatile way as they are continually stimulated and inspired by the outside.

It’s hard to think they mostly work to create new things for and on the web, but it seems where the most of us spends his time, to satisfy their needs. The new goals are to appeal in the communication field: a new language to appeal to people, then new music, new faster ways to appeal on people’s attention and to keep it. This is how the web and the mobile tech are today more successful and pioneers have to exploit their talent here. The wit guys off the 80s had to work on the video/visual arts, the today “2.0 nerds” are tuned on the fast changes of the communication field. The best example of new things in communication was the “Ice Bucket challenge”, although it was a mix of Reality shows (the nominees), Twitter (the hashtag and the spreading of the message).

Music and arts aren’t dead, but let’s face it: they’re the second priority, because first you have to appeal to the fans with your interaction. The “interaction” is the vehicle for promoting and it replaced the video clips language. Music, arts and live shows is to keep the fans first conquered.
Most of people share that music is mediocre, low profile: I don’t agree with it. I think there are real pop gems and it’s the way to share those gems that has changed. The number ones really come from people: the word-up of DJs and VJs now it’s the retweet of people, the shares on Facebook and there is less pressure, no (longer) pressure from the record companies. What a pioneer should do? He already worked miracle: he created the social networking.

The power of the social networking is maybe the greatest achievement of the new pioneers: the radio and the TV news whenever are to give news they usually mention as a source Mr. X’s Facebook latest post or his Twitter’s latest tweet. A retweet or the sharing of a pic does sometimes fuel speculation/rows/stir on a fact, which is impressive, too.

Of the entire new breakthrough in music/arts and in communication, so far, few of them have been helpful, other did create damage.

We really need to turn back to the days when we had less resources: that was the moment when the high number of needs to satisfy encouraged pioneers to move on. Fewer resources could be the real treasure to capitalize on.

DD TV xx


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