DD TV Dance Floor Massacre – October 2014

Our argument every time is developed in the three different phases, whose names take inspiration from the “groove language” and whose content changes according to the mood of the discussion. The “forerunner” is like an introduction, the “tour de force” is the place hosting the hottest words, and the “slow dance” is the conclusion.



The question would sound better for the drummer like this: “what’s the best for me? Being a good DJ or staying a good drummer?”. And for a DJ, it would be more amazing to ask “What’s the best for a DJ: being a good drummer or staying a good DJ?”. Rephrased like that, it would also make more sense.

However, let’s argue on the topic.


Studio life: for drummers is supposed to be more exciting: new sounds, new beats, new melodies; on the other hand, they have to develop their ideas in a group context: they have to get prepared to the possible rows with the other members in the band, the advice of their technicians, the feedback (or pressure) from the fans and if signed artists, they must be ready to get mobbed by the record companies. Although they might be constantly under pressure, it’s never a demanding “schedule” they have to plan; to end, the drum guys have to use their inventiveness on drum beats, groove, “noise”, which is not like writing a lyric (writing lyrics is easier).

Whereas DJs seem to have a more stressing one.

The fun is when deejays play on their own in the room, with few advisors and/or producers/managers to find the right beats for the album or for the night in the club. The greatest reward is to record melodies which are “art-y” and that can sort of “flow in”, viscerally, in the ears of the listeners.

Concerts days: tours are gruelling, especially for drum players, coz’ they got to use all of their body muscles to be heard, whereas the rest of the band members use hands or throat muscles to entertain and to be heard. On the other hand, tours are funny: in the venues wherever they are, drummers can finally MAKE NOISE!

DJs have to love being “night owls”, they have to learn “living” in the night and sleeping during the day: it’s just their upside down life-style!

Drummers have harder days only for few periods during the year; DJs have to change their habits forever.

Club days: drummers just have to fit themselves to play in more “intimate“ venues, whereas deejays are in their “natural” habitat, like a camel in his desert. For this reasons, it’s a harder task to anyone aspiring to become a good drummer.


Drummers are easier to “tame” and they just love playing their drum kits wherever they are; DJs love to spin their records only in clubs and love to “test” new beats and their life, despite their schedule.

To sum up with it all, it’s harder to become a good drummer, because it takes discipline, concentration, a mental preparation which can’t be taught to a guy who just spins the music made by drummers!

The drummer is the seed, the deejay is the flower.

DD TV  xxx


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