Time is a tiny, icy river

I started to follow music as a young kid: I was 7 and I had the first “crush” on a guitarist (Paul Stanley off Kiss) I saw on TV and it was back then in the late 70s: I guess that after some 30 years, I’d look in that guitarist’ eyes in a different way.

I have to admit that whatever my vision on music is, wherever my feelings went to, my passion never faded yet: I’m still a music lover with a passion. I also have to acknowledge that my fave music type it’s still the same music type, as I heard that most of people growing older tend to leave their fave teen music in favor of classic music.

Today I have the internet, thanks to which I get the news on my icons more quickly and I can get digital music, which I can listen to in a more comfortable way. The internet has definitely been the best way, so far, to have an opinion on the music stars, because of the faster way to get the news and to share it.

On the internet I joined fans’ communities: nothing wrong in it, but I grew afraid of sharing certain opinions. Message Boards are basically of two types: the ones run by  a very kind moderator and the ones run by a radical “leader”: I learnt how to approach to the “leaders”: I actually learnt how to balance my words and thoughts. I never got mobbed at all, but some of the Forum radical restrictions sometimes made me smile!

Music industry has offered us reunion albums and/or reunion tours: there isn’t one of them that turned into an established long time renewed relationship of the band members involved. The reunion of your fave bands is something you wait for years, but history often repeats itself: I learnt it, I turned the page and the reunion years are my fave: I owe my big thank you to my artists for making me happy in those moments.

The social media are the new tools of most of musicians to interact with their fans, in particular the younger ones, who are just born in the “Facebook – Apps” era. The rest of the fandom and f the “aged” artists are getting fit to this new reality, by apparently using the social media for  promotional aims. It is justified and I do understand interacting with the fans also is a job: that’s why if I read like a “regular” on certain Pages or certain Message Boards, my intention is never to be honored, I take it like an almost daily task to do and I do have my (human) rewards the same. I got nothing to blame if they “ignore” me: indeed, I must be aware they appreciate the hard-die fans.

I am noticing I don’t love reading anymore their interviews: I grew disillusioned and I have my opinions, which often are in contrast with what they say. This, very often,  leads me to think their ideas are manipulated by the press. At first, I kind of missed reading their answers, today I am no longer tempted. The only things I can agree to listen are their audio conversations with the fans officially released on the Fans Community: these Q&As are basically made just for fun and there is rarely something serious spoken.

The official Pages on the social platforms of every artist, bands, musicians and their backing vocalists are their “masks”, just like their official websites have been: only on Facebook and Twitter there is interaction with their fandom. I sometimes leave comments and put my likes here and there, but I am aware there is not my hero behind it: there are amazing employees who manage the Pages and post what they’re told to.

I think I didn’t say anything bad on my heroes: it’s just nice to take some time, to stop by and to try looking back on my past reactions in the fandom.

DD TV xx


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