Live shows – my experiences

This time I’m going to tell about my two only, but huge experiences I had at rock concerts: without naming the performers, I’m speaking of thrills, feelings, complications, trouble, ups and downs, right and wrong… .

Milan, Fila Forum 5th June 2005.

It was my real “first time”: I have had my parents’ restrictions, I had age reasons before their restrictions, so now the time to be free finally arrived.

I was lucky to have the venue in the town where I lived, so I didn’t have transport/logistics trouble and I had someone who could accompany me there and back home: that friend was an incredible support.

I can remember it was also the first time ever I purchased a ticket concert and I chose to not pick it on line. I wanted to pay with a credit card, as I purchased it, on my own, in that record shop: they want cash, actually… Shame on my un-experience! My seat was good, I loved it, as I didn0t want to be in the chaos in front of the stage: I was on the guitarist’s side, on the side stands: I could watch all from my side.

I danced, I cried and I sometimes screamed. I didn’t sing any note, it was all “lips-synched”, no one around could hear me: I think I actually didn’t disturb the rest! I was amazed at how well I was able to dance in that small place, I learnt immediately how to move my arms to not interfere with the other fans’ ones.

The coming back home was a short, quiet and comfortable trip, considering it was in my town. The “first time” passed by quickly, but I felt the “benefit” on my soul in the days, in the years after.

My best memories are: the musicians lined up in the very beginning of the show, the video-projections, our screams, the set list, the guitars.

Verona Arena:  16th July 2012.

The line-up of the band changed , but the repertoire wasn’t pretty much the same (but awesomely performed).

I was glad this time in my group of friends there were other amazing friends: 4 crazy guys, fans of one of the musicians who I saw playing with them in 2005 and who wasn’t in this line up. It was amazing for their company, for their humor! The “new friends” were true guardian angels” and very kind to me.

This time I got the ticket on line, one of the group purchased it for me. I can remember the gig date was schedule on a working day (Thursday) and I left work before on permission to reach them, who were waiting for me at home. The guys  took me to the venue. We all came back home later that night and crushed into my bed at around 1 a.m.

I was again on the guitarist’s side and again I was not on the ground in front of the stage: I guess my crew knew that I previously loved being on the stands. Unfortunately, I had to spend the second part of the show in the public toilets, but not because I was feeling sick. I could hear all perfectly, only I didn’t enjoy myself exactly in the same way I did in the first part.

The set list was amazing: I just loved the hits of the new album they were supporting with this tour and it was brilliant to hear them live. I just regret I heard the second half of the gig from the toilets… (It was all cleaned and, to reassure again everyone reading, I wasn’t there ‘coz I was feeling sick).

The coming back home was exciting as the going to the venue. We had our car parked out somewhere outside the venue; it wasn’t so late, but we still had a 3 hour drive to be back Milan. We left at around midnight and we arrived home at about 3,30 am: the music playing on the car was rock and loud, to keep the driver lucid and wake, in order to have a safe trip and luckily it was. At work I arrived a bit sleepy.

My best memories were: the laughter I shared with the new group of friends I had with me this time, before, during and after the show; our weird review on the show in the car; my sleep at work.

DD TV xx


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