DD TV The Sounding Board – November 2014


What’s matter more in the awesome rock pieces of music: how the guitarist’s fingers move or the guitar’s trademark (Fender, Stratocaster, Taylor…)? In our opinion, it much depends on the way he can move his fingers, ‘coz they create the guitarist’s unique style; the guitar gives you the sound quality.

The 2014 Rock and Roll Hall Fame inductions ceremony was embarrassing: never seen so many artists inducted and invited to perform who, later, refused to, for a reason or another: duh?

We have watched the TV talent show “The Voice of Italy”: we were positively impressed by the high number of “rock” vocalists who took part in the Show. (Great to see girls, too!!)  We were disappointed to see that “screaming” rock lyrics is the best way to perform the rock classics!! We were disappointed to see that the metal fan lost in favor of a singer-nun: it’s just clothing, it’s just imagery that determined the winner.

We do try deep admiration for the “art & roll” bands in pop music: although they’re not guitar-centric and despite their musical “distance” towards (their) guitars, they are able to make awesome music.

Our feedback of the 2014 Classic Rock Awards: as always a party and we get in a state of awe at the reading of the names of nominees and winners! The Doors of Jim Morrison won the “Inspiration” category: they’re still influential after so long time; Led Zeppelin and Queen weren’t a surprise; the Outstanding Contribution Award was given to someone who really deserved it. The nominees and the winners of the “VIP” category are a funny thing to see. Congrats everyone!



This is the self-titled debut album of the awesome US punk rock band, which so much influenced many of our fave pop-rock artists off the 80s and 90s.

It’s got nothing to share with the Sex Pistols’s British rougher sound, it’s got nothing to share with the British, more or less justified, anger of their UK equivalents but Ramones could offer with this record and the following ones, electric, touching “furious” words and guitars. Some things are told thru humour, but it’s more “explicit” than the British humour is.

If you listen to the early Billy Idol’s records you would recognise Ramones.

Our fave tracks are: Havana Affair, I wanna be your boyfriend, Today your love, tomorrow your world.

The legendary director Martin Scorsese has just announced the making of the Ramones bio-pic.


Stylistically and lyrically, the guys sounded the “Ramones”’ grandsons.

The guitar-drums chords are just the early Ramones ones, the topics of the lyrics are semi-serious and in one song “Adam’s song”, they’re poignant.

The 3 Blinks had the clips, who helped them to keep relevant in time; they felt some kind of frustration towards certain kind of people and about certain topics which can associate them to the punks, although the real ones are the British ones off the late 70s.

Our fave tracks are: all of the hit singles and Dumpweed.


It’s an awesome “Best of” collection and I regret it features only 45 minutes of rock music.

It sounds to hear the Italian (awesome) imitations: singers Bobby Solo and Little Tony (RIP), who in the 60s/early 70s performed his songs for the Italian audience.

The track titled “Money Honey” is Elvis’s version of “Be Bop a Lula” by Gene Vincent.

Great the way rock music, as we know it, was born: his melodies and lyrics were simple, essential, basic and so perfect.

Our favourite tracks are all of the hits and a track titled “One sided love affair”.


It is a surprising, amazing rock album: you can hear hard rock riffs and sweeter, acoustic slow dances, one of which sounds a lullaby.

The woman drummer is really brilliant, Jack White vocals are mazing and “follow” the roller-coaster” of emotions given by the alternation of mood on the record.

A young amazing rock duo that did a very good debut album, as well.

Our favourite songs are: the hit single Seven Nations Army, Ball and Biscuit and Little Acorn.


The biggest rock band’s long-awaited and surprisingly-given-for-free-to-the-ITunes-users album is an amazing record.

We could rate it as “melodic rock” and as “ guitar-centric although the sweet melodies”, on the level of their rock of the late 90s.

Lyrics are mostly touching, mostly autobiographic (“Iris”, for example, is Bono’s mum, who passed away when he was a kid).

Danger Mouse, their new producer, is not Brian Eno or Daniel Lanois, but the result is amazing!

Their move to give the album for free was brave and wasn’t appreciated by some of their loyal fans, who thought it was given for free ‘coz probably the band didn’t like this material.

Our favourite tracks are: Raised by wolves, California, The miracle (of Joey Ramone), Volcano.


This metal band is one of the “veterans” in their genre. I “discovered” them at Live Aid in 1985: I was struck by the vocalist’s voice (Rob Halford) … and still I was after over 30 years!

Lyrics aren’t only about death and funerals, as they typically are: they sing about love, they speak about struggling (not war.)

They sound closer to Metallica than to guys like Iron Maiden,. It’s “moderate metal”, because some of the tracks might appeal also to a pop music audience.

I listened to a “Best of” compilation, so I could have an idea of their long time catalogue.

My favourite tracks are: Victim of changes, Love bites, A touch of Evil, Living after Midnight, The Green Manalishi and Another thing coming.

DD TV xx


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