DD TV Top albums – the reunion albums

The reunions are moments in music history every fan of those groups eagerly awaits: I have been one of them, I’ve never been against the dream of seeing my heroes for a once and for a short time, reunited.

Up to not long ago, the reunions were conceived to try achieving the goal of making new records and of going on tour, because, let’s say it, if the reunions are basically financial moves, the tours is the source to sustain the recording sessions bills.

I am going to leave my thoughts on my icons’ reunion, trying to not read biased. Their reunion happened while more than one original member on the five had reservations. To add, they weren’t close in the gap. Let’s just say it didn’t work, because re-inventing the wheel failed: it turned out to be to an “ego clash”, as it was when they back then split up.

Lately, I have seen many reunions announced both in rock and pop music, designed mostly only to see the original line ups releasing new studio albums and I’m going to leave a short thought on each of them.

CULTURE CLUB: it was great to see one of the most iconic bands of the 80s back in the studio after many years: everybody got a little lost in the years, but they remained on “civil terms”, which is great. I have good expectations on their new record and their reunion seems it is going to be a one-off experience

TAKE THAT: they did other reunions in the past, which all seemed to work and to last. This one is a comeback album, but two of the original members broke the tie. One of them is Robbie Williams, maybe the most promising of the original guys and who is now on his now way, trying to fly solo. This band was rated as “the greatest boy-band of the 90s”, they crossed their moments of fans hysteria in Europe and other countries, then the “inside ego clash” finally burst out. This band share my heroes’ same fate and I think their fans are now feeling how I felt in 1986, when my band did comeback for the first time after their peak with a reduced line- up. The show must go on.

AC/DC: this is a respectful long time rock and roll band. This one of the most awaited “comeback” releases and we all regret to see Malcom Young suffering and giving it up. Rock on OZ!

SPANDAU BALLET: the Boys reformed in 2008, they performed few gigs, but then went on an extended break again. Now they’re on the road together again with a more serious campaign, which includes the “inevitable” (LOL!) Greatest hits compilation and a movie featuring their history (actually the history of the 80s). I see the guys in a great form and I’m glad they could fix their personal inside problems, in the past, in Courts with having few of them suing the rest: they got their things clarified and the original line-up can last longer, although they’re all musicians and have solo projects, too. Their 2014 comeback promo campaign deserves the “Academy Award”: chapeau, bravo!

QUEEN: it’s not a “proper” comeback or a reunion album, but it’s a studio album featuring unreleased material of the original line-up. The most interesting tracks are the duet Freddie Mercury did with Michael Jackson, a brand new unreleased song from the 80s recording sessions and a never heard before version of Freddie’s solo hit “love kills”. The “theme” of the album seems the band’s evolution from the late 70s throughout the 80s. It doesn’t deal with any reunion and I wonder how Adam Lambert, the new iconic front man called to “replace” the legendary Freddie Mercury, is going to deal live with these new tracks. William Orbit – an amazing electro music producer I do love – put his pedigree on this album.

PINK FLOYD: it is not a reunion album, but an almost instrumental comeback record, realized on the material recorded during the “Division Bell” album sessions. Roger Waters isn’t in this line up and keyboarder Rick Wright passed away few years ago. It seems it is going to be their final record (most of the original members are gone …), but drummer Nick Mason unveiled there is still lots of music in the vault to share. Thank you for the great music Floyds!

They were just few of the big names of bands, reunited or not, which are coming out: they decided to do one more sacrifice for all of their longtime hard-die fans.

Music industry under Christmas is ready to enjoy the economic benefit of these reunion albums and until there is a little hope to see on the stage or in the studio your heroes older, wiser and still connected, the reunions are designed to be a good, profitable business….. although I think it’s not the industry, but the fans which encourage the reunion business.

DD TV xx


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