DD TV F*ck it list – November 2014

You will find listed below and in no particular order, followed by a short comment, the things I just think I don’t love.

I don’t like the approach of the “Movimento 5 Stelle”, off the Italian Parliament: loud, offensive and aggressive. I can go down to share few of their ideas, but I’d ask them just stop offending the rest who disagree and who don’t offend them!

I am sick of hearing of news on TV deliberately amplified and repeated for hours, with the intention to create panic, for example, the Ebola virus. Luckily they invented the TV remote control.

I would never join on the social media the groups of fans designed to worship the artists’ w.a.gs: I love their music, not their family and I am not that type of public fanatic. Secondly: what would their w.a.gs give me back if I expressed publically my “love” ? Lastly, would one really be able to send “appreciation” to the one who regularly go to bed with his/her music hero?

I may sound like speaking “rhetoric”, but I don’t like being fooled;

I don’t like the restrictions given by the UE to State members on their investments and spending, I don’t like the austerity policy.

I don’t like the new versions of the Band Aid 1984 singles: period!

I don’t like the people on the train of the Underground – Tube – Subway who, whilst using their smartphones and I-phones and the other hi-fi toys, selfishly occupy a reserved area for them and don’t let the other passengers in the train move.

I don’t like dreaming of my co-workers: my job doesn’t have to be an obsession to me at night!

I don’t like playing the double-game in many situations at work, although it’s necessary for “a quiet life”

I don’t like the cold, especially and if it happens, on summer.

DD TV xx


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