DD TV The Screamer – December 2014


This is a real question, given the current trends. The answers might be variegated, given the various cases on TV seen so far: it would take an essay, but it’s not our intention, so we’re posting simply, clearly and shortly our thoughts.
The vocalists belong to the old “school”, the one of self – training; they artistically grew in the clubs; they were usually signed and supported by a local producer and they got famous mostly thanks to the passages on the radio.
The Reality vocalists usually do live performances in the clubs, but hope to find a hook on TV via Reality shows, where they can do all of their best to encourage first the famous coaches, then the record companies to take them on, to support and to launch them.
The Reality vocalists don’t have the support “from above”, the classic singers don’t have the support “from below”: they actually they both share a “handicap” so to speak.
We find both of the vocalists in a situation like the strongest effort is by the Reality vocalists, who have to forget they’ve lived in a sort of more ”comfortable” age, they are to respect the professional vocalists ‘coz usually are older guys; the professional vocalists should take it like a challenge, not like a generational battle; they don’t have to forget that their fan base watches and takes into consideration this kind of collaborations.
The classic singers shouldn’t be thinking of their past “no. 1 hits on the charts”, ‘coz the chances they have to be the same of their new “pupils” are fewer than the ones they once got; both of the parts aim to be “no. 1”: in the end, it might eventually turn into an “ego clash”, but it would not be profitable for the “Reality” artist and for both of their credibility. The long-time musicians-coaches put in their contribution, their help to make the so-called “Reality debut albums” a success is supposed to be, in any case, rewarding.
To finish, we wonder if the professional singers are scared of the future of music, that is if somehow they are aware and are worried who they have to deal with? For example in the charts, there are now several singers, who are trained up in another reality.

We have seen on stage few aspiring guys, who eventually passed to the “Boot camps”: they sound to us very good vocalists, stylish, whatever they choose to perform. Sometimes, they sounded too perfect, close to boredom, because we hear not a “bum” note, not a mistake.
The new team of coaches – judges was composed of big names, but we regret a sort of warfare grew within them, with blows featuring unhappy jokes and unnecessary spites: their controversies weren’t any fun to see and they cast some shadows on the image of the show.
We supported the only girl, Ilaria, within the finalists, because to us she sounded, in the beginning, the best voice in the group: she sounded a hot young voice, but during the final show she disappointed us. We preferred the one who eventually became the winner, Lawrence: he sounds like Bryan Adams; he’s the “rocker” we missed when X Factor started few months ago. And he even writes and performs sings in English!
So our heartfelt congrats to the 2014 winner.
The castings for the 2015 are scheduled to start in late December.
Finally, seen again the vulgarity and the unnecessary rows between two coaches – judges in particular, we suspect the 2015 judging team would change.

The casting for the new edition is starting in these days, but maybe the team of coaches is changing. It also seems that the Show will air next spring.

DD TV xx


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