2014 DD TV Music Awards – The party and resuming

Another year, another set of big names of international music provided by people in the world, flowing into a big end of the year party, before the beginning of the Holidays. It was again rewarding, it was a thrill, it was fun to “build up” this big thing together.

All nominations arrived in both of the groups I guess somehow reflected the 2014 chronology, as they were sent in week by week: the fans were influenced by the charts of the moment, or the facts of the moment, in the case of the Artist/Person of the Year, or of the Live Act/Tour Awards.
The on line sharing of the nominations and winners on our FB page was a pre-party: it actually is designed to be just a list of things, with almost no interaction: instead, every year it’s fun to do, it’s a warm-up moment.
Then party commenced: it was about 9, 30 pm Italian time and I was there: I felt like a teenager again. I laughed, I cried, I cheered up winners and losers.
The screen projected the same clips proposed during the FB pre party.

At the beginning, also a slide projection featuring fans’ thoughts and the band’s thoughts on Duran Duran’s “The Reflex” on the occasion of the song’s 30th anniversary was announced and launched. We decided to celebrate the huge world success of the song: back in 1984, was meaningful both for the band and for the fans, because the band gained a global popularity almost immediately after the release of that song.

After this well-deserved tribute, we went forward to present the Music Awards of the two groups of categories, the General and the DD ones. A couple of presenters each time, alternating within the 10 people who work at DD TV, young boys and girls, arrived on the podium and, at any time thrilled, they announced the nominees and proclaimed the winners.

We were overwhelmed by the votes arrived – thank YOU! – And we were glad to have gotten both surprises and “confirmations”.

The first big surprise was in the Best Song Award off the General Portion: Kaiserchiefs was nominated, but we thought other strong songs could appeal on more attention. The Ting Tings success was a total surprise: it was nominated only in the end of the year and it had to “struggle” to be no. 1 with other bigger albums (Pink Floyd, U2, just to name a few), but unbeknown to us it was the most voted record.

We would like to spend few words for the winner off the Artist of the Year: on the moment of the proclaiming, we renamed it “the most relevant fact in the year”, it would have sounded uncool to honor a group of “criminals”: we actually honored the best “mystery” in 2014.

Jumping on the Duran Portion, Save a Prayer is still globally “perceived, rated” as their best slow song, but the original album it is taken from, “RIO”, couldn’t make it, by just 5 votes, to be the Best Album this year. We supported for DD 1981 though, which eventually was the winner, because since the start it was the most “loved” album.

The “confirmations” were “Secret October” as Best B Side (it was the winner in 2013, too) and Arcadia, their Best B Side project: actually their current music sounds similar to the music made by the threesome spin-off project.
I can say I’d rather the Secret October live version featuring Warren, because it makes it a more guitar-centric song.
The Arcadia’s Election Day live performance off the 1985 Top of the Pops received a warm reception within the boys at the party, due to the presence of the two stunningly good looking women dancing on the stage with Simon LeBon… LOL!

We guess nostalgia and the global feeling of missing their live performances pushed to the top the votes for their latest World Tour, the All You Need is Now world tour. We all hope they’d go playing live soon again and I personally am glad their long time guitarist, Dom, was honored again. He’s having a bunch of live shows in his residency in London and I’d recommend you to have a visit. We all appreciate the wisdom and the modesty of this young man.

Simon was “very much” expected to be elected the “Member of the Year”: just like every front man in every band, he’s the magnet of the attention and he really can do it well. Congrats on John, for keep being the second sex-symbol and for being the best bass player in the world he was nominated.
We can rate Andy as morally the second winner, ‘coz although he’s out of the line-up, he received more votes than who’s/ who was in the band (Nick, Dom, Roger, Warren, Sterling).

Speaking of the “new DD”, that is the new music acts fans think sound their best alumni of the DD “school of rock”, the brilliant Chris Corner is undoubtedly the favorite of the fandom.

I danced and as if I was a teen again for a good while and went to be at around midnight. It was good to thoughts and ideas with other fans, I was glad to present Awards to some of the musicians and best albums: I was glad for the fans and for the artists.

In early January we will start working on the 2015 Awards and by the end of the month we will announce the confirmed music categories of each group. Fans can send votes and nominations of both groups from February 1st on.

DD TV xx


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