Being a rock star’s wife: where is rock, where is love, where are the stars?

Being a rock star’s wife: where is love, where is rock, where are the stars? – Tying the knot.

Given my long time fanship, I’ve seen many love adventures from my various favorite artists: sometimes I’d got hurt, other times I was touched by the (odd) generosity, other times I was awestruck from the event in itself. Whenever one of my fave icon tied the knot I couldn’t help but let my support be influenced.
When I was a teen, most of the fun was just screaming, most of the fun was having the CD and dreaming….

So, just for the sacrosanct above mentioned “fun” let’s see how I’d behave if I were the “soon-to-be-Mrs” in the following points.

The proposal
I don’t like the idea of a proposal being made on an exotic location, or in a romantic place. I’d love my rock star to make it in an intimate place: it’s a moment we need to enjoy and to remember in the years to come. I would not go in an open place at the sea either on mountain, or in the outer space to hear the words, I’d even rather a room in an apartment! I have to keep in mind rock stars live in glam rock and they don’t have a private life, so I think no soon-to-be-Mrs. ever received his proposal in an intimate, locked place.
The ring? Of course I’d dream of having a lovely one, but I guess having his respect, his esteem and support back for a the longest possible time (and from a rock star, in this case) would do better than anything shining on my fingers. Gifts on my b-days, on Valentine’s Day, at Christmas, are a treat, but I’ve never been a demanding partner, I’m not able to ask and to insist on this aspect of my relationship.

The date choice
I’d rather not consider our birth dates and Valentine’s Day, too obvious: I’d love to have the ceremony on our own day, so, also, anything not connected to historic events in rock music, either legendary artists’ death anniversaries or records release anniversaries. It should be “as soon as possible”.

The announcement
It much depends on his audience, as I guess my family’s origins aren’t an obstacle to our union, although it takes tactfulness to pass the news along, in any case. If his fans are people who aren’t obsessed by their hero’s privacy, either they aren’t stalkers, or aren’t gossipy, intrusive guys, our announcement can be published on the media and on the Web. I guess people today learnt the lessons from the previous facts in rock music unions; we know web is under no control and we know about NSA, so I think we should learn from all of our experience acquired to do the right move to let the world know about the two of us.
The two partners’ families involved aren’t the trouble and have to be sheltered from the show business world, and the “2.0 show business world”, as well.

The honeymoon
Here it takes a few days stay in a faraway hot and exotic location, with no possibility of internet connection, to enjoy our link. The question is just to go out of the confusion, of the booze, trying to not play “the selfish ones” with his crew and Management, his record company, with my family, but we need a stay away to be aware of what we have just done. Calm and relax can only be the biggest benefit on our souls, on our families, on his future concerts and recording sessions.

The come back to town and to everyday life
It’s possibly the worst phase of the process, after the freedom and the peace enjoyed during our honeymoon. I should fully feel now like an “accomplished, wise, new girl” and I have to get aware of my new “role” aside him, inside his entourage, his Fans Community and, more generally speaking, inside the music industry: I think I had to get aware before, at the proposal moment! I would see myself as one he can trust on, as one who can give him support (with no intrusions in his music activity!), as one he can respect and I see all this mutually on him. The comeback is delicate: if it is a good start, the union can last for long.

I think that it takes from BOTH the ability to make any kind of sacrifice, to be able to renounce to some comfort in the new life, in times like these in particular: I don’t mean money, but renouncing to walk on shortcuts or often avoiding to use easier ways to reach for whatever is THE good thing.

OK, I had fun dreaming and… bye for now. … ‘til next step with my rock star…

DD TV xx


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