DD TV The Reader – January 2015

I’VE READ: “Tutti a casa (Everybody off!! …)” by Mario Giordano
It is an amazing, well done inquiry book written by one of the best Italian journalists, on the shameful cheap rental of flats affair, which involved politicians, influential managers and celebrities from 2011 to this day.
The most frequent “trick” to obtain a favor by all of these “honest” characters was to apply either a public charity Organization, or a public institute, or a catholic association whenever one of the mentioned authorities announced a public “auction” of flats, or of entire condos. Legally it wasn’t anything wrong in all of the cases reported, but their continuous applying to get a flat was the real shame, given also their ranks in the society.
I was a little upset at the end of my reading and I keep standing by the few honest people who still stick around.
Mister Giordano is a prolific, stubborn journalist, who is used to write reportages on the wicked, sick world of Italian leaders and celebrities. He’s often hosted on TV to support what he discovered. Of course, most of the Italian citizens love him.
Time to say: wake up Italy!

I’M CURRENTLY READING: “The Last Man” by Mary Shelley
It deals with the second biggest novel written by the “Frankenstein” author.
It’s a futuristic story, which takes place basically in England around 2092. The protagonist, “the last man” and the “teller” of the book, is named Lionel Verney. He’s the last man, because around 2092 a devastating plague epidemics kills all mankind and he is the last survivor.
The novel was published in 1825, but it wasn’t as much successful as the “Frankenstein” was; despite this, The Last Man remains her second major opera. “Frankenstein” had movies and theatre versions, parodies as well in the course of the following years, but this novel received less attention, although it is an amazing read.
It features the main characteristics of a Romantic novel: lists of adjectives before nouns, frequent recalls to the Greek and Latin mythology; there is a mood of Gothic horror when describing the death scenes.
It might make one laugh that in a story conceived to take place in 2092, there is no mention of the future, like robots, computers, air crafts! Keep in mind that Mary Shelley lived in the 19th century: the real “futuristic” thing is maybe that UK is no longer a Monarchy, but a Protectorate. It might make you laugh the story takes place around 2092, but the protagonist actually speaks in the Past Tense.
It is a long reading and I’ve almost finished to read it, about 50 pages left to read out of 494! The last pages are the most poignant, because the author, while trying to add suspense on how they almost all die, she created really sad “environments” to arrive at the fatal moment when the last man is alone and alive .

BOOKS ON MY WISHLIST: (*New: I have decided to change the final part of this blog)
“Buone notizie” (“Good News”) by Giangiacomo Schiavi: the “Corriere della Sera” daily newspaper vice-director collects the most positive news items to show there is better Italy than the sad, pissed-off and dark one is shown.
“Winter in the world” by Ken Follett: it is the sequel of “The Giants’ Fall” I’ve enjoyed some time ago.
“Mad World book” by Johnathan Bernstein and Lori Majwesky: the book is on the artists an on the music of the ‘80s, the decade of my teenage.

In a few days, after Mary Shelley, I’d love to read “The Lost Library” by Marcello Simoni.

Next update June 2015.

DD TV xx


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