DD TV The Viewer – February 2015

Aside the only official Oscar’s ceremony held in LA every year, this is the place where we post our feedback on the most impressive movies we have watched in these past few months.
We use the following “rough” method for the rating.
*** (3 stars) good movie, but not excellent
**** (4 stars) great
***** (5 stars) don’t miss it, highly recommended

MUNICH (2005) by Steven Spielberg with Eric Bana and Daniel Craig
It is not exactly a movie: it is the documentary of the facts from 5th September 1972 on happened during the Olympic Games in Munich, Germany, where a the terrorist group from Palestine named “Black September” introduced into the Olympic Village, in the Israeli headquarters and murdered 11 athletes.
Two of the Israeli guys were murdered immediately in the room of their resort, the rest was taken as hostage, brought to the Munich airport and, after the failure of the negotiations with the German/Israeli Governments, the guys were brutally killed. The terrorists managed to escape in Germany and the Mossed (the Israeli Secret Services) spies were sent to Germany to find and try to kill or to capture them.
It is one of the two movies “of my life”, since I was born on 6th September 1972, just during the moment of the terrorists’ blitz and escape with the hostages and my dad, who was sent back home from the Hospital where my mum was, as doctors wrongly thought it wasn’t time for me to come to life, he was watching on TV news these same facts.
The level of violence, suspense, blood, cruelty is the same of the latest James Bond movies (i.e. the ones starring Daniel Craig, who is in fact in the cast and he’s an Israeli spy), but unfortunately here it is no fiction!

TED with Mark Wahlberg and Mila Kunis
The beginning of this movie seemed hilarious, funny, sweet to some extent, as it had all the features of every childish fairy tale and it was my fave part.
The rest was just a vulgar, a surreal adult trash story, whose characters – both the teddy bear Ted and the former child – now grown adult John and both spoke obscene language.
It’s better to not abuse of the obscene language spoken in every two-three words, the “message” would have been understood as well, in my opinion!
The movie, more seriously speaking however, I think is about the problems of communication between parents and their kids in modern times, like the current ones: you have young people with no reference, hopeless, just living for the day… It’s not all to blame on them. This is the only positive aspect of this original movie.
Overall rate: 3 stars ***

TIMELINE (USA, 2003) with P. Walker and F. O’Connor
The story maybe is something already read somewhere in the past – the time capsule, which gets broken during the transfer and the time passengers on board find themselves located in the wrong place and at the wrong moment – but the part of the rescue of the lost time passengers was the “plus” on this movie.
In fact, due to a black out, an archeologist and his team find themselves in France in the Middle Age, but manage to send out their “cry for help”, their “SOS” to his students and son in the 21st century. So, all the guys try a time travel on the restored time machine and after thousands ventures, manage to “come back home”.
I loved this movie, because it was an action movie: there was irony here and there; it was like a history lesson told with the venture language, so to speak.
My final rating:
**** to the story,
***** to the special effects and to the bit of “science/physics” seen
**** the actors playing the time passengers rescuing

SNOW WHITE with Charlize Theron, Kristen Stewart and Chris Hewsworth (2012)
The famous fairytale received few treatments of restyling and of remaking: this is the darkest and the most rock and roll version I have seen, so far.
The story that I knew as a child is fantastic: I’d rather Snow White than others like Cinderella. Luckily, in this new opera nothing of the original was taken away, or changed.
The shock is to find the characters whose physical features I once fantasized now turned into flesh and bones. This time I wasn’t allowed to.
I loved the special effects, which made a lovely fairy tale turn into an emotionally strong movie. I actually loved the entire (digital) environment.
I enjoyed the movie, but I have a final question: what type of fairy tales do children read today?
***** 5 stars: I highly recommend you peeps to watch it.

PLEASANTVILLE – 1998 with Tobey Maguire and Reese Witherspoon
I really enjoyed this movie, ‘coz it’s without spoken obscene language, it’s an original theme on the “time travelling” topic; it’s without vulgarity (i.e. no tits, penises and vaginas around); it was sane laughing.
My rating is the top one: five out of five stars: *****

THIS MUST BE THE PLACE by Paolo Sorrentino 2011, with Sean Penn
It’s a movie about the life of a former rock star, who apparently in in depression and When his dad dies he finds out he had spent most of his time ro search for a Nazi criminal secretly lignin in the States.
The story is original and amazing; my rating is: 5 out of 5 stars *****
The make up to turn Sean Penn into a very close figure to Cure’s lead vocalist Robert Smith is amazing: again my rating is 5 stars out of 5, *****
I loved the soundtrack, of course…. LOL!
I disliked the scenes telling the depression moments of the main character and the enough obscene language spoken, some vulgarity observed here and there, but it’s rock and roll!

FLIGHT – 2012 with Denzel Washington
I enjoyed this movie, but I have to say it wasn’t much a fiction: I think this can really happen. I think it is a “realistic” movie, so to speak.
The “realistic” elements I found in were the vulgarity, the human private parts shown here and there, nude scenes, the protagonists have cocaine doses, sniff them. All this can normally be watched today during the clips of the current hits aired the music TV channels.
Time has changed our perception of decency, our concept of common sense: it’s just the global awareness of (these) new values that has allowed making dirty movies, featuring parental explicit scenes and allowing airing them at prime time.
What is the message of the movie? It is about how to become a hero: why do people detect heroes within the normal citizens? What are the limits of popularity and what risks do the newly acclaimed heroes run in their little world?
My final rating: 4/5 stars ****, because relevant, important stories can be told without abusing of dirty means.

Next update in July 2015.

DD TV xx


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