DD TV Eye on Fashion – February 2015

Milan Fashion Week Women’s wear: 23rd – 28th February 2015

The co-founders of Juicy Couture, Pamela Skaist-Levy and Gela Nash-Taylor, celebrated this past early March 2014 the launch of their new California Cool label “Pam & Gela” and their new chic line “PAM & GELA. Y.E.S. Contemporary Sportswear on 2”. All support and hope we could soon see your clothing in the upcoming Milan Fashion Weeks.

John Richmond (one of our favourite designers who, within the rest, created the merchandise for the 2004 DD Reunion tour and who in 2009 during a Milan show put a DD dedicated music set). We think John might be back next year, if he finds a better agreement with the 2016 newly elected Mayor

PUNK MASTERS BY PATTY PALAZZO: Patty is an awesome woman-designer on demand. She can create some cool drum logos (played by some awesome drummers): she’s been doing designs for new tees, she designed artworks for records and books.
Patty is hosted in this space as “special guest” in the behind the scenes of the Milan Fashion Weeks.

Armani has announced a 6 days set of live and fashion shows (when he usually has his own lonely fashion day during the Week). Mayor was glad to receive such news.

The National Chamber of Fashion was granted of the lowest fare on the rent of public areas until December 2016. After that term, the newly elected Mayor and Council will have to decide how to deal with fashion.

Lots of TV media seem to be appealed to do coverage on this early year edition of the Milan F W
We also noticed that behind the scene all seems to be “low profile” so to speak, we don’t mean no excitement:our suspect is that the June “Fashion week, running a month after the official opening of the 2015 Expo, would be other than a party! week .

We can anticipate that this year the Vogue Fashion Night Out will be a EXPO – related event.

DD TV xx


One thought on “DD TV Eye on Fashion – February 2015

  1. *updates on 1st March, 2015.
    1) we are surprised that few fashion shows are inspired by China and we’ll see mroe in the next June Fashion Week.
    2)Some of the new models are now kids of the most famous models of the 80s and they often do their job during our Fashion Week; another famous 80s star daughter is a make-up artist and she is busy behind the scenes: to these growing stars our support! We are glad to have you here more than one time during the year.
    3)Valentino is owned by the Arabian Emirate, Krizia is owned by non – Italian hands: made in Italy was born here to be sold away. Ha!
    4)Missoni’s brand is crossing a hard moment: the loss of two family members was just too much to tolerate for the Maison. All support guys!

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