DD TV Glam Pop Party – February 2015

DD TV Glam Pop Party – On DJ music

We do have another featurette dedicated to Deejays and their relationship with the rest of music (“Dance Floor Massacre”), but we never make lists on the topics DJ music can inspire.
We are trying now.
Enjoy the lists below.

Our fave set list whenever we have to live angry days:
Songs from Metallica
Songs from AC/DC
Songs from U2
Songs from Kiss
Songs from Iron Maiden

Our fave set list of silly songs, to live moment of frivolity:
Don Was – Walk the dinosaur
Brimful of Ashia
Bandolero – Paris Latino
Plastic Bertrand – Ping Pong
Mel & Kim – Showing out
Chumbawamba – I get no doubt
Patti Labelle – Lady Marmalade
Cleopatra – Cleopatra’s theme

Our set during the football matches, tournaments etc. …
Queen – We are the champions
Abba – The winner takes it all
Bee Gees – You win again
Ricky Martin – La copa de la vida
Gianna Nannini and Edoardo Bennato – Notti magiche

Our fave set list to sleep:
ZZ Top – Sleeping bag
Rem – Day sleeper
Elisa – Sleeping in your hand
Shadowy lines – The somniferous aere
Genesis – Tonight
Roxette – Sleeping in my car
Billy Ocean – Get out of my dream, get into my car

Our fave set list in the working day
Mick Jagger – Let’s work
Queen and David Bowie – Under pressure
Morcheeba – Rome wasn’t built in a day
David Bowie – Heroes
Lou Reed – Perfect day

DD TV xx


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