DD TV – The challenge

The challenge: why it matters to be a “regular” on the web, so at the concerts, at the fans conventions and how much it takes.

I belong to the group of longtime fans: I just love following and supporting my icons and I love being “there” whenever I can, to show my support and to post my opinion, if the case. I have to admit I am a “regular” that is I am able to “enough regularly there”: this fact was acknowledged positively by most of the other fans, by my icons and just few others took it negatively.
The social media was a revolution for us fans: we were actual friends and “pen friends” before; today communication is easier, faster: if you are lucky and use the right words, you can keep envy under control, you can contrast the misunderstandings, etc…

Following your fave artist and giving support is sacrifice, because it takes away part of your ordinary day: I really have to be cool and lucid to make plans week after week to see what and where I can post, I have rules to go under that allows me to enjoy my daily life. I usually opt for quick actions and leave the bigger things for the week end or for the days off. Other people in my family are regulars for other heroes (mum is a regular on cooking shows, for example, so there is no mutual blame in what I do, indeed we find time to swap ideas on our web experiences!)

It must be said I don’t really do it to steal space to others, there isn’t any second aim behind it: I just feel to be “there” and the other pals are invited to so the same, given their possibilities.
Another challenge included in the presence challenge is how to present. So, I have to rock my brain to find features, columns in the places where I often appear. It’s just fun, never a stressful activity. Sometimes I manage to involve other cyber pals and, oh, their involvement is another sub-challenge! LOL!

How does it feel if anything on the internet connection is down? Well, I try to re-schedule the daily web steps for the first possible date! Luckily, I am having my “plans B” in my mind.

Will I ever write a book on my experience as a web regular? No, I … don’t have the time to make books!

In the end, it must be said all of these things that keep me busy have no price: I just feel fine, because my every day schedule is a balance to me, my daily scheduled posts keep me away from other nuisances of the real life for a while. In terms of price, never want anything back from my heroes: they appreciated my presence and that was a thrill when I knew it, but we never met, I never shook my hands with theirs, we never shared a picture or a selfie, or just a moment in a meet and greet during a concert.
By the way of concert experiences, my daily regular appearances on the web, don’t allow me to be a concert attender, partially as for time reasons, to my big regret.

Having said that all, I have to leave you: I must hurry to be on another website… LOL! Let the fun continue.

DD TV xx


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