DD TV The sounding board of rock – March 2015

We have watched the 2014 TV talent show “The Voice of Italy”: we were positively impressed by the high number of “rock” vocalists who took part in the Show. (Great to see girls, too!!) We were disappointed to see that “screaming” rock lyrics is the best way to perform the rock classics!! We were disappointed to see that the metal fan lost in favor of a singer-nun: it’s just clothing, it’s just imagery that determined the winner. The 2015 edition has again rockers and we do support them!
We do try deep admiration for the “art & roll” bands in pop music: although they’re not guitar-centric and despite their musical “distance” towards (their) guitars, they are able to make awesome music.
Our feedback of the 2014 Classic Rock Awards: as always a party and we get in a state of awe at the reading of the names of nominees and winners! The Doors of Jim Morrison won the “Inspiration” category: they’re still influential after so long time; Led Zeppelin and Queen weren’t a surprise; the Outstanding Contribution Award was given to someone who really deserved it. The nominees and the winners of the “VIP” category are a funny thing to see. Congrats everyone!
We were watching an Italian TV documentary, which is used to air reportage on mysteries, on odd events and the so-called theories of conspiracy. It is well done; the speaker is enough persuading, credible. At some point footage on rock music was aired: according to a theory of conspiracy, the sexy rock video clips are deliberately outrageous to let the listeners incapable to have children; watching on TV sexy nude bodies might discourage the fans to have children. It’s a crazy idea, but it I true that today rock stars are going beyond the limit of bearable transgression.
2014 saw the loss of at least a couple of rock legends: Joe Cocker, Jack Bruce (the Cream, bassist) and the Rolling Stones’ sax player: rest in peace and you’ll be sadly missed. They were unique figures in the rock industry, that’s why so much exploited at a point in their long time careers; their stardom lead to booze and drugs, which all had a toll on their health.
The 1986 circa so called “hair – metal” is what you probably would call “hard pop”: the second-mid rockers had a too strong imagery that they appeared too “soft” to be aside the other proper rock acts. We loved those “hard pop” musicians, because they were in contrast to the techno – rap – house music guys that was surfacing in that moment: “hair metal” was just amazing guitar riffs opposite to the then contemporary launch of the Ibiza dance clubs.


The music of the band was a cross-over between the 70s and the 80s: we could hear the main features of that period, punk-rock and disco music sounds.
We do think they were pioneers of electronica and did inspire bands like Depeche Mode, but also guys like the Editors, (2012 circa!): the Divisions anticipated of 3 decades all what you could hear today (or are today new rock-disco bands too much looking back??).
We also could hear elements off the latest David Bowie’s “electronic experimental” albums like “Hours”, “Earthling” “Reality”,
Our fave tracks are: She’s lost control, Digital, Warsaw, Transmission, Autosuggestion.

You would never rate it a “rock” album, because guitars aren’t loud or powerful. We, instead, think you should rate it such, because of the passion, of the anger typically of that music.
We were struck by the poignant lyrics, written just after the terrorist attacks of 9/11/2001: those terrible facts influenced musicians and soon after that date, you could hear some really great albums, like this one.
It’s a rock album, indeed, of hope, of positivity, of encouragement, of positive energy, of good vibes, of deep thoughts on life, on the world diversities. Bruce is the Boss again.
Our fave tracks are: The rising, Waiting on a sunny day, Worlds apart, My city of ruins, Empty sky.

It’s not the most successful album of the legendary rock band, in terms of copies, but according to critics it’s their masterpiece.
It is definitely prog – rock: we found it stylistically close (pun intended!) to the early Genesis with Peter Gabriel, just a little “more commercial”.
It features the remarkable, legendary voice of Jon Anderson.
We were sorry it was a short album.
Our favourite part is the one titled “And you and I”

The best album, the perfect album of the American song writer, recently passed away.
It is anti – rock, stylistically, as it has no guitar riffs or loud drums, but it noisy!
Lyrics are maybe the revolutionary factor, as the way the typically rock music topics are dealt with, are weighed differently. We found the words much sarcastic.
Musically it was influential to the musicians of the following generations; Lou Reed recorded this album maybe thinking of what kind of legacy to leave: in fact, it is a milestone record, an album which we think we’ll get consumed after several listens.
Our fave tracks are: Vicious, Goodnight ladies, Perfect Day.

It’s an awesome album, but not our favourite. Joey Tempest and pals are in a good shape. The guitarist who delighted us with his hard rock riffs is John Norum, the guy you see playing in the “The Final Countdown” clip, Kee Marcello parted ways back in 1992, the other band members remained.
They no longer are long haired, but back in the 80s that hairstyle was part of the “hair Metal” movement, which apparently failed to last.
To tell the truth, we have trouble in naming the music style of this album “hard rock”: the term we’d rather use is “hard pop”.
Joey Tempest wrote all the lyrics: he’s still the poet of the band and the songs speak of love and war.
Critics said it was their best album so far: probably it’s their wisest in years, but again, our favourite is “Out of this world” released back in 1988.
Fave tracks: Doghouse, My friend, my woman, Bag of bones.

DD TV xx


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