A tribute to few ladies and some thoughts

Chime for a change: women’s right. A little history of my relationship and my bosses, my teachers, my current co-workers.

I’ve been surrounded by both bad and amazing ladies so far. I can’t judge my mum, because I think any parents education to their kids is not to judge: there isn’t any user’s guide for them to learn from.

To pay a tribute to the women on top of the hierarchy in my circle, I’m writing below a little history of my relationship with them.

My woman-teachers: my very first real good, amazing teacher was the English one, from 1978 to 1983: she was intelligent, open to us, lovely. Her aim was to be a “company” for us, because I guess she knew she had to try replacing replace our parents while she was there. I never had bullies or stalkers during the time I was with her, because she managed to get respect! My second awesome teacher was at the College: she was the Italian and she was smart to teach us Italian in a brand new, innovative way, which went beyond the grammar book. My third best teacher was the math one still at College: I am not fond of the subject, but with kindness and softness she managed to approach me to that…thing!

My woman-bosses: the very first one was like a surrogate mother to me. I was still doing my rehab after my waking up from coma and I was lucky to be taken on at the City Council to do very easy manual secretarial jobs. She had human touch and she was patient. I can remember a particular woman boss: a screamer a little schizophrenic, but I grew better and wiser, so I could mostly tolerate her impatience whenever anything went wrong. I love my actual woman boss: she’s a young lovely girl, who resembles so much the early Madonna (have in mind the “Lucky Star” clip?) and she is innovative in her view of collective working life. She does want sacrifice, but makes her best to make my job load the easiest of all: she says “You’re here to work , according to your problems, emergencies, but never to idle away.”: she sometimes seems to love putting the hard workers more under pressure, but it’s not so, because she’s making her best to simplify the procedure. Another thing I love of her “method” is that she doesn’t tolerate the loafers or the lazy ones, who stick around.

My current female co-workers: I think I can see all the main categories of people I met with when I attended the Primary School: I have the gossipy, the hard worker, the generous hard worker, the underdog, the loafer, the rebel and the leader ladies. I’m the third youngest girl, but my experience at school got me wiser, although I’m in a different context and environment. I try to always count until 10 …. I am not patient with the loafers, but I genuinely say whatever often forgetting there might be the envious ones around. I do not love being gossipy: what would I gain from spreading the others’ news.

So, the above was all about the female world where I live in: spending time with women all day is a roller coaster also for us. I love the fact that there is some progress in terms of rights, in terms of respect in our society, but also in our civilized world, not all discriminations were removed.* On violence and bullies against women. I don’t believe that strict law measures could be the best deterrent to contrast this shameful plague: it is a question of culture!! True, but how long do we have to wait to get some (more) justice… *

To really end this blog, I’d say freedom, independence, having ruling positions and more influence were a conquest, now I hope those women they would be able to maintain the success on their achievements

DD TV xx


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