DD TV The Screamer – April 2015


Rock finds its real beginning in the 70s, aside the disco music, whereas opera music has been played since the 18th century. Rock is basically from the States, opera is basically from Europe, but for a real short while the two music types found a trait-union in the 70s.

We all know Queen’s early records: they sounded rock and the charismatic front man Freddie Mercury pioneered  in the rock/opera fusion, because he composed the lyric and vocal arrangement to fit his voice to sing like a sort of tenor. Another rock band musically and vocally inspired by Queen treated a bit few of their songs in the studio like pieces of opera: Guns and Roses in 1989. More recently another rock/opera example was a British band, Muse, whose frontman can beautifully perform sophisticated lyrics, can grab very high notes and the other music instruments play around his voice, which make the songs “extended” like an opera.

What does it take to try making rock music sound so “awesome”, to try making rock songs so theatrical, so “dramatic”?  We think vocalists should have a couple of  amazing lungs and a good, powerful voice, not to scream, but to be able to grab the high notes and to extend them for few seconds. When in the studio they should ask to have the right lyrics and should require the best vocal equipment + coach  to make the related tentative sessions.

What does the other musicians should do? We think they should encourage their frontman, being patient and supportive, showing respect. The crew should try their instrument in a lower profile, ‘coz voice is designed to result the most relevant factor.

We noticed that, apart from few rare occasions, the rock-opera songs have been performed frequently live. It’s hard to render rock/opera live, the acoustics isn’t always the best one  both in the gigs at the open air or in the small venues and musicians have to keep in mind people’s screaming or their hands clapping.


On Wednesday 25th February 2015 the new TVOI edition kicked off. The coaches “department” changed: two judges, considered as one team, have been taken one and there are father and son, both musicians, two of the major musicians in Italy.

We enjoyed the first part of the “blind auditions”: they all sing well, most of the applicants are prepared, vocally; they all seem to have their ego and their vision on music. The “rock” voices à la Joe Cocker, Rod Stewart, Bryan Adams were rarely heard, melodic sonorities are prevailing.

Last year we had a nun vocalist, this year one coach recruited a transgender: a guy who is now a guy, but born a girl. His voice sounded amazing, but we’re afraid that, as much for the nun, his personal story would come out, not his real talent.

We still support for the Piero Pelù’s team.

The “battles” and the Knock out” phase were funny and we mostly could share the views of the judges. Who is passing? Finally the lovely voices, not the screamers.

DD TV xx


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