DD TV Glam Pop Party – On live shows

Enjoy – and laugh when possible – the below lists we made about live shows and connected topics.

That’s what would happen if we let for a really short time our fantasy rule…

The words you’d read on our handwritten banners

Waiting for you was worth it

And our love goes beyond

You she-devils

You are never wrong

We just want to have fun

All we need is you

Our ideal VIP Package should feature:

A picture with the artist

A signed a whatever album or single taken from the artist’s catalogue

A voucher to spend on their official store in merch items

A chance to enter a competition to be with them in the studio

A chance to enter a competition to be their backing vocalist

Our soundtrack for the event:

The Power Station – Lonely Tonight

The Police – Bring on the night

Queen – Don’t stop me now

Chic – Everybody dance

Lou Reed – Perfect day

Europe – Rock the night

Genesis – Tonight, tonight, tonight

Our ideal outfits

Casual and comfortable

Rebel outfit

Just comfortable shoes, no high heeled shoes

Wild boys and wild girls

DD TV xx


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