DD TV Glam Pop Party – on the Music Awards

Here are our lists on the Music Awards: we considered our own and in general. Some points are ironic, so please, have a laugh, when it’s due.

The funniest choreographies (our faves, ranked from best to worst):

The MTV Awards

The Grammy Awards

The DD TV Awards

The oddest categories of (Music and else) Awards

The Special Anniversary Award (2015 Ivor Novello)

All the most recent Music Awards Michael Jackson got, months before his passing

Some off the NME Music Awards categories

Some off the MTV TRL (Total Request Live) Music Awards

Some off Kid’s Choice Awards

The strangest, outrageous, arguable, questionable …  Awards facts:

Australia new entry in the 2015 Eurovision Song Contest

Best Group Award to One Direction (the year when they lost a band member)

All post-mortem Music Awards

The Madonna – Britney Spears kiss at the 2003 VMA Music Awards

The 1985 MTV VMA – Video clip of the year

DD TV xx


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