DD TV Eye on Fashion – June 2015

Fashion Week Women’s wear: 19th – 26th June  2015

Some of the new models are now kids of the most famous models of the 80s and they often do their job during our Fashion Week; another famous 80s star daughter is a make-up artist and she is busy behind the scenes: to these growing stars our support! We are glad to have you here more than one time during the year.


Valentino is owned by the Arabian Emirate, Krizia is owned by non – Italian hands: the famous “Made in Italy” logo was born here to be sold away.


Missoni’s brand is crossing a hard moment: the loss of two family members was just too much. All support guys! 

Top models in music? In the 80s few top models made amazing albums, although they were properly professional singers: We pay homage to Sade, Brenda Russell, the late Withney Houston started as a top model and ended up as a vocalist. Later Naomi Campbell did an album. The most successful was the lovely Sade. Rock on girls with your style.

John Richmond (one of our favourite designers who, within the rest, created the merchandise for the 2004 DD Reunion tour and who in 2009 during a Milan show put a DD dedicated music set). We think John might be back next year, if he finds a better agreement with the 2016 newly elected Mayor.

PUNK MASTERS BY PATTY PALAZZO: Patty is an awesome woman-designer on demand. She can create some cool drum logos (played by some awesome drummers): she’s been doing designs for new tees, she designed artworks for records and books.

Patty is hosted in this space as “special guest” in the behind the scenes of the Milan Fashion Weeks.


Armani, Versace, Fendi all applied.

About Fendi, their Staff is made of unexperienced, naïve guys. After a long time, the Maison gave to this crew the charge to organize the fashion shows during the year, always in the same location, actually it’s a bit of what happened to John Richmond, during the early 2000s. We have to admit that dealing with these new guys is difficult, not for our fault.

Oddly, Cavalli isn’t going to do his show, in Sempione circus.

The National Chamber of Fashion applied only for one location, to put the mega-screen to projects the fashion shows, it makes sense the biggest shows are in the Expo area this year.

Designers Dolce & Gabbana are awaited with their new shows in their private venues , after the controversy they raised over the chance given to gay people to adopt children against music star Elton John.

Armani had his “Silos”, his big atelier, inaugurated this past motnh.

DD TV xx


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