DD TV Glam Pop Party – Satire, open with care !

OK dear DD TV guys, time to have a break and have a laugh!

To follow are the “latest” things which we have found ironic, hilarious, funny, odd to hear, … You can read our little comment to follow.

“Officially separated”, but the couple stressed out their separation wouldn’t be necessarily permanent. Separations are necessarily permanent, unfortunately.

He doesn’t have the working VISA for USA, but the rest of the crew, who do know it, kept calling him and he didn’t reply to their invitations to join: sorry, but if his passport is expired, how could  he join you?

They asked him if he was interested in their new projects, but he’s retired and they know it. It’s like asking to the person you have just killed to resurrect, to wake up and to talk.

No one really recruited him regularly, he just said it loud on the phone to their secretary. “Tell them I’m their new guitarist!”. When his venture with the band ended, he was fired with a letter and he was surprised for that approach. Sorry, they felt the same way when they “knew” you on the phone years before…!!

When music stars go and attend their heroes’ concerts, do they ever think “Hey they can lay better than me?”

French President Hollande, you know he has few mistresses: he’s a sort of John Taylor of France.

DD TV xx


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