DD TV The Viewer – July 2015

Aside the only official Oscar’s ceremony held in LA every year, this is the place where we post our feedback on the most impressive movies we have watched in these past few months.

We use the following “rough” method for the rating.

*** (3 stars) good movie, but not excellent

**** (4 stars) great

***** (5 stars) don’t miss it, highly recommended

RIP to the great amazing actors and actresses who passed away in these past few months, the latest Omar Sharif .

MAXIMUM RISK 1997 with Jean Claude Van Damme, Natasha Henstridge

It was an amazing action movie, with a non- too much original story, but an amazing setting scene.

J.C. Van Damme is famous for playing in violent movies, a bit like Steve Seagal, or Arnold Schwarzenegger and in fact blood is in every here and there, but I found the view of blood and “violent” scenes all tolerant.

1997 was the dawn of the internet and I couldn’t find any special effects: no hi-fi is also justified by the kind of movie, which made the effects unnecessary.

The story wasn’t new, but action, suspense, pure thrill were the top.

My score is: 4,5/5 ****/5 stars


Amazing story and the characters protagonists are odd and funny.

Antonio Banderas is the superstar dubbing the cat.

Special graphic and computer effects rendered at their best.

I really loved this movie and I’d recommend it to anyone who wants to spend some nice time away. Stuff for kids is very often better than the one designed for adults.

Top rating: 5 stars out of 5. *****

STAR TREK – INTO DARKNESS with Zachary Quinto

The movie is the follow up of the prequel: here you have all of the characters of the famous saga at an early age, on the Enterprise space ship.

It was amazing and funny to see London in the future, in 2259, actually….!

It was funny to see James Kirk and mister Spock sharing the same go as of the original characters of the original movies. This way, the continuity with the saga was guaranteed and nothing of the thread was lost.

I didn’t see blood covering the ground, but on the other hand I heard/ saw no vulgarity, no obscene language spoken.

My final rating: 4/5 **** stars due maybe to a not so original story.

RIP Leonard Nimoy, our beloved Mister Spock, who had a cameo in the previous movie.

CAT. 8 – Solar Storm with Kate Drummond and Mathew Modina

This is the review of the very first “disaster movie” of summer 2015: Italian TV stations usually choose the summer months to air these movies, in order to fill the gap left by the other major TV shows which have closed due to their summer vacations.

The story is very simple: the Pentagon, in the states, prompts software which is able to capture, store and turn to Earth the energy from the sun storms, but a B side effect is underestimated. One of the US satellites involved in the experiment fails and goes out of control and it throws the sun energy to our planet, causing damage, victims and devastation.  An awesome scientist finds out how to rescue the control of the crazy satellites and he gradually saves Earth.

These movies are just without messages, stories are usually trivial and only the special graphic and computer effects are relevant.

Next update in October 2015.

DD TV xx


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