Being a rock star’s wife: where is rock, where is love, where are the stars?

The very first pregnancy.

I’m continuing with my ironic saga, where on the first half, I pretend to be really a rock star’s sweet half and the other half is just myself watching and judging my own parody. Please. Laugh, when you feel it’s due …. !

The confession to him – Well, I’d tell him on our own, possibly in a down of his schedule, on a relaxed moment. It’s a delicate thing to speak of and it takes calm around. I fancy he’s happy to learn and that he cares of me too. I think the message should arrive in a face – to – face meeting and not via a SMS. A new life coming is always something positive: if it were a problem, no one of us would have tried to have a baby. I would not live my first child like an obsession, but like a gift. It’s a new life, I’d not deal with it as a weapon to get our liaison stronger, I mean if one day my rock star and me we decided to get separated, our kids can choose to cut any relationship with their dad  at any moment on their own.

The confession to the media – Media not necessarily have to be involved and my rock half might need me on his side to enjoy his new status, which would please me. The only problem is that media intrusion  might affect a sensitive personality as I am, so seconding him to have me with me or seconding myself to enjoy a more private situation would be a good deal!

The actual pregnancy – I’d care of my health, I guess I’d have a lovely and friendly regular “relation” with docs and Rock Docs, but hope I’d never have to need the latter. I think I’d have trouble with anxiety as I normally have in my real life, but in the rock industry, maybe my opportunity to access to more medicines and medical tests is quietly different. I think I’d “use” of my sweet half as a support in every case of emergency.

The birth – I’d get close to the date in total excitement and in total surprise about the gender: I’d love to not know the baby’s gender until when he’s born, I’d try to be a vintage new mum, but these days it’s impossible to not know about it. I’d love he could plan a gap in his schedule – studio or otherwise – ‘coz he’d be of total support. Maybe because in my real life I’m fatherless, but having my man on my side the moment he gets a father, that would be a special moment. I’d love the baby to see the world in music: if Docs and Rock Docs agree, I’d play my fave music in the room.

I have told and shared so far old and new fantasies about becoming a r and I don’t deny what I fancy today is influenced by the stories of famous rock mums written on the magazines and reported by rumors and speculation of the fans from the gossip. The most difficult thing to prevail from above read to be “privacy”, of my or his person. That so much wished “protectiveness” for each other and our families would appeal much anxiety: I need some rock help!

DD TV xx


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