DD TV Glam Pop Party – On legacy

We have arrived at the month end, which means we have lists from us:

For you we have prepared lists featuring the best memories, the best moments in our fanship so far.

Memories are many: we can’t divide them into lists, it’s going to deal with one long list cut into two or more breaks.

And we wonder: what will survive in a ten years- time?

This one can be included in NO list, we’ll cherish, we’ll remember, we’ll bless the day we understood music was our main passion: our “moon landing”

The first parties, the first rendez – vous with other fans

That time we skipped school for them…

The first vinyl record purchased.

The first stereo set.

The first entrance in a disco.

The first time in a recording studio.

The first guitar, the first piano, … the first instrument touched and tested.

The first lyric/refrain learnt by heart.

The first autograph ever with a celebrity.

The first picture taken to a celebrity ever

The first meet and greet with our heroes.

The first tattoo.

The first video cassette.

The first day as paying members in their official Fan Club.

The first memorabilia item.

The first merchandise item purchased.

The first clipping on our heroes

The first fanzine

The first dedicated book on our heroes

Their first number one in the charts

The first family formed by fans formed after our heroes

The first e mail sent to our heroes.

The first post on the social media of our heroes.

The disillusionment and the wisdom acquired thanks to our heroes.

The first flame war on the internet message board of our heroes.

The first survey poll answered on the social media.

The first row on the social media within fans.

The first tribute song recorded for our heroes.

The first dedicated website

The first dedicated web radio

The first dedicated TV station.

The first e-zine

The first dedicated blog

The first dedicated music group

The first dedicated Page

DD TV xx


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