DD TV F*cki it list – August 2015

You will find listed below and in no particular order, followed by a short comment, the things I think I just don’t love.

I don’t like the “oh-oh-oh” in the chorus line of the DD’s song “Pressure off”. It is superfluous, unnecessary and it sounds a donkey.

I don’t like the scroungers, the spongers: the ones who, whenever they see  it gets an advantage for them without doing the smallest effort, here they come. Hard to smile to them, it takes ALL of my patience to deal with them  if I have to spend time with such guys.

I can’t stand the ones who bite the hands that feed them.

I don’t love looking pale but I am not obsessed by suntan.

I get a little upset when I see John Taylor, “my Power Station man”, playing so regularly Arcadia’s Election Day on the current live shows. Some’d rather it hot!

I am SICK of those managers who defend the loafers at work and complain about their absences with the others smarter workers: just stop granting the loafers all they want!

I laugh at the ones trying to put me under control on the social sites, as if were spies. They often end up badly convicted to pay a price for their behavior.

DD TV xx.


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