DD TV The Reader – September 2015

September  2015



It took me more than 3 months to read the more than 2000 amazing pages of the illustrated 1850 original version of the American classic, “Moby Dick or The Whale”. The book got also a cinema version starring actor Gregory Peck and it inspired Steven Spielberg to make the “The Shark” movies.

I knew about it because it was part of my “pop” culture, but I never read the book and I found it an amazing venture one. I learnt a bit more about the whales, ‘coz the protagonist Ismael, who speaks in first person, describes for you notions about the anatomy of the fish; Ismael the sailor speaks to you also about the whales hunting activity (with details on the weapons and vessels used in North America, back in his time, mid-19th century!).

Moby Dick, the animal, wins over man: the big whale destroys all the vessels surrounding her, although she is bleeding and she is wounded. Captain Achab is thrown away in the sea and also with her big tail, she destroys part of the Pequod boat, which drowns and Ismael is the only survivor and gets rescued by the Rachel boat two days later.

In the beginning I gave support to Achab, but in the end I supported for the whale. At some point of the story, the protagonist Ismael directly asks the reader if he ever had a steak for meal: he claims eating whale meat is pretty much the same. Nah, I couldn’t agree with him. Secondly, Captain Achab reads like obsessed by Moby Dick and wants to take a revenge on his children, whom he saw killed by the fish.

An amazing reading experience, I really enjoyed it. Yes, it brought me back with my mind to the famous “Star Trek” 1986 movie which featured the whales…


Poesie Catartiche (“Ironic poems”) by Flavio Oreglio

Flavio Oreglio is one of the best Italian comedians, who got his pedigree at the famous Milan “Derby” club, but got his fame on the Italian TV show “Zelig”.

His main skill is to make people laugh with surreal, sarcastic rhymes and poems. Warning!: His lyrics are often explicit and sexist.

However that’s what I wanted to do: to have a short break, to laugh after Melivlle’s masterpiece and before reading another huge novel.


Inferno by Dan Brown

Ok, next year the movie based on this novel is supposed to be out, they were shooting some scenes in Florence, Italy, with brilliant director Ron Howard and awesome actor Tom Hanks.  I have to say I’ve arrived on time!

The story, this time, is based on the current urgency of the Planet: the overpopulation, We are living the migrants’ tragedy, but we are forgetting the overcrowding.

It’s the third book of the same author I am reading, so I know his style, his topics, and I know he’s just amazing.


Millennium by David Lagercrantz

Paper cities by John Green

Next update January 2016

DD TV xx


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