DD TV Glam Pop Party – The top albums

We are aware we should hang on a little ‘til the end of the year, but September is the last awesome month before Christmas to see out pop and rock albums, right?

So we thought it would be nice to do lists featuring our favourite top albums, including some music history, as well.

We divided them into the following categories, but not like the usual “Best rock”, “Best pop”…

Laugh when you feel to.


Top albums for explicit lyrics

Green Day – American Idiot

Fedez – Pop hoolista

Sex Pistols – Never mind the bollocks

Megadeth – Rust in peace

Offspring – Americana

Eminem – all albums

Top albums for wisdom

George Michael’s Older

Duran Duran’s  Big Thing

U2’s Zooropa

Madonna’s Ray of light

Raf ‘s Cannibali

Elisa’s Lotus

Depeche Mode Songs of faith and devotion

Top albums for the time fans spent on waiting, speculating, …  (they’re some of the most eagerly awaited albums)

Guns and Roses – Chinese democracy

Andy Taylor – Motherlode

Michael Jackson – Thriller

The Rolling Stones –  A bigger bang

Celine Dion – Duets

Black Sabbath – 13

Pink Floyd – The endless river

Bluevertigo – Tuono, tono, tempo e suono

DD TV xx


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