Time is a river, an icy tiny river

Time is a river …. – My approach when my fave artist grows wiser and knocks again on my heart

I’ve previously said how no more I’m having the teenage approach when it deals with my fave music artists: I stopped crying/screaming; I stopped buying/getting magazine pages where they are featured/ I stopped listening to their radio-TV-written interviews.

There was a time I did the opposite of what I wrote above and I recall those days with pride and with a big smile. I laugh at how anxious I was. I enjoyed everything and although I was critics, but they were just other days: I could say my opinions without being watched or judged by a high number of people, whereas today where you basically say yours on a social platform, judges are more often out there. I could “live” my music with my own self.

Since then, my artists and me we now have grown up older, wiser together and what I regret is that we never had a point of connection, nothing we could use as a liaison, for years and I don’t mean internet. This way our views, our ideas, our visions changed and consolidated on two separate lanes.

Wisdom I believe is something two long time pals (have to right to) experience together. So, also the fans who grow up with their fave heroes have to learn, to cry for joy, to struggle together, in the name of that little thing called loyalty. If there is no compromise, if transparency rules, wisdom is something we build up and naturally arrives, naturally happens and it’s painless. In the case of my fandom, for too long confusion reigned, most of things in our relationship got out of control and if wisdom arrived it was lived on different levels and it did hurt!

However, I realize my artists are today still awesome and they got artistically wiser: I still love them musically, but my sense of criticism is stronger. I can’t tell how much humanly they got better, but I know my level of wisdom acquired: that’s the contrast! I know growing humanly wise has an impact on your life, working life, private sphere; I know artistic wisdom is certified only by the quality of their new music or live shows: the factor out of our control is their private human wisdom acquired: that’s the contrast again!

What are the other fans doing? I guess my fellow fans were forced to watch them go wiser from a certain distance, in an over complicated situation. Love reigned, though. I have to admit every fan community runs and shares with the fans the artists’ professional and human growth in a different way and there is no Fame Academy which tells them what are the right rules to follow. The so-called X factor is mainly the artists decisions, their announcements which no  Fans Community can forecast.

To end, I think my feeling of fear to come and love music as a wiser fan is common to many music fans and acts of the 80s, who have now released brand new (awesome, high quality) records. Artists fear basically to get wrong again, fans don’t want to admit immediately and openly they were positively impressed (again!). I guess there is no medicine for this feeling, there is nothing to feel shame for.

“Time is a river, an icy tiny river…. “, but I wish for the future to always try to come closer and to try to positively communicate with the rest of the fans, to see more alliances growing within my fan community.

DD TV xx


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