DD TV The Viewer – October 2015

October  2015

Aside the only official Oscar’s ceremony held in LA every year, this is the place where we post our feedback on the most impressive movies we have watched in these past few months.

We use the following “rough” method for the rating.

*** (3 stars) good movie, but not excellent

**** (4 stars) great

***** (5 stars) don’t miss it, highly recommended

Not many movies this time to review. Summer is the season when no great new movies are aired on TV or at the cinema.

MAMMA MIA! (2008) with Meryl Streep and Pierce Brosnan

It actually is the cinema version of the musical on ABBA music hits, which is globally receiving an overwhelming success in the theatres for years. The original musical also has an Italian “cover”, by the way.

My expectations weren’t high, seen the casting of actors, but my own personal love for the Swedish legendary awesome pop band, who recently lost his founding member bass player, pushed me to watch this movie.

The biggest effort was to create a storyboard that could reflect all of the meanings of the ABBA hits and I think the big energy spent worked out: the result wasn’t outstanding, but it was brilliant.

It’s not the best Hollywood could offer, but it was nice, it was just “light entertainment”.

My rating is: 3 stars out of 5 ***

SPLASH (1984) with Tom Hanks and Daryl Hannah

I guess it would have been funny and nice to watch some 30 years later a classic from the 80s.

It was a funny story, one of the most original ones I’ve seen at the cinema and wondering if the director was thinking of the question: “Do mermaids really exist?”

Speaking of the actors in, my sympathies went at once to Tom Hanks, a cute one. I watched him play more dramatic roles (Terminal, Forrest Gump, Robert Langdon…): I laughed and also supported his character in this movie. Tom is someone versatile, eclectic: he could entertain me with a different “ego” here.

The mermaid looked gorgeous and didn’t know much about the star who played that part: when a teen I took her for someone related to pop music star Daryl Hall (the blond guy with John (“moustache”) Oates!

I think this movie can be recommended also to kids and my final rating is 4 stars out of 5. ****

Next update in February 2016.

DD TV xx


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