DD The Screamer – October 2015


We have recently heard more than one pop/rock album featuring Church Choirs.

We can remember few interesting experiments, in the late 80s (Madonna’s Like a Prayer, Enigma) but it just didn’t work for longer, it wasn’t’ an astablished kind of thing.

We are not here to mention all things happened in the past, but let’s just say using choirs grew enough popular.

Why do artists love including this vocal effects? We can guess choirs tend to be more used on special lyrics, on special topics. Choirs represent the Church, so it has a religious meaning. We don’t think they are used to make a disco song louder…. !

We noticed the choirs have the effect to soften the rest of the instruments and makes the lead voice more poignant.

It is funny the artists just have to go to a church to record the choir, it’s nothing they can get on their spot and we would like to know which criterion they adopt to pick up the best choir for their purposes. Pop songs are just fantastic ,because pop music is “open” to lot of experimentation and we guess singers of choirs, as much as the gospel choirs, they would love pop musicians to look on them to have their visibility, their chance: that’s why the liaisons and the collaborations are not so rare, today.

We are glad the record labels so far, never reject to publish these music projects; we are glad the choir contaminations are milestone things, are examples to follow.

Why do fans love it?

We have noticed the albums featuring church choirs in their songs were smash hits! That overwhelming success might largely depend on the fact that people love listening to something new, but classic like church choir can be. A church choir is something classic, but odd to hear in a modern context given by technology. We are intrigued by this infrequent mix.

We love the approach and the strategies adopted by the lead vocalists to go on, deep on it and to end recording this with the Choir members. It takes a great capacity of the vocal producer and an awesome arranger to realize the mix, an awesome patience of both the lead vocalist and the Choir voices to sing in harmony, tuned in and together: it was good to us we have always trusted on our fave artists.

So, the Church Choirs, Gospel Choirs involved in and recorded on a pop music albums are often welcome, but their frequent appearances aren’t enough to be a cliché.


It seems the 4th edition of the Talent Show is confirmed and it should kick off in February  2016.

We guess some changes will be made in the coaches crew: a couple of long time coaches just announced they will leave.

X FACTOR 2015-16

The new Edition has started on 10th September 2015.

There is going to be a brand new music category “bands”.

There is going to be a brand new crew of coaches: the best new entry in our opinion is Skunk Anansie’s vocalist, Skin. The other is a “comeback” and it deals with artist Elio. Skin follows the trend of non-Italian musicians invited to be a coach in Talent Shows, but she’s a rockeuse, she’s got something of androgyny, which makes her more interesting. Elio is a multi-faced artist and we guess we needed to hear back again speaking someone cultivated.

The first auditions were funny: we were amazed to hear again “the screamers”.

We were curious to hear the rappers, because artist Fedez, one of the judges and coaches and he’s one of the major rappers here, said he’s looking for a revolutionary rapper, but he got “the bands” category assigned.

The new category installed is the “bands”: wow…. We were amazed they all want to play rock music!

The know it all-s, the touchy ones… again we saw them crowding the auditions and they make us laugh. We always support the judges, in these circumstances.

We watched a little the “Home visits” phase: we found the young guys mostly all prepared, despite their tension, in front of coaches and camera. We were struck by the bands: amazing: they were all able to make us feel something good with some of easy arrangements.

The “Live” phase of X Factor started on 22nd October and … it was good to keep the pressure off… (LOL!)

DD TV xx


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