DD TV Glam Pop Party – Thoughts on the very first meet and greet

Another month, another set of lists!

Time to resume –  with humour where allowed –the thoughts recurring in our mind on the very first meet and greet with our music heroes.

Enjoy,…  and have a laugh when it’s due!

THE MOMENTS BEFORE: thinking of/thinking that

The pass/ticket/money for entry

The things to tell him

The gift

What to wear

How to reach the venue

If at work, how to justify your absence it to your boss and co-workers

How to bring someone else of your co-workers with you

If in the family, how to justify your absence it to the others

How to bring someone else of your family with you

THE DAY BEFORE thinking of/ thinking that

Would it be worth it?

Will he/they disappoint me?

Who will disappoint me?

Who will make it a day for me?

Whatever happens I won’t care, I’ll get my things autographed

What are the right terms of what I should tell them?

My make-up should be ok, but don’t want to look like a vamp

DURING Thinking of/Thinking that

He is chatting

He is not listening

He is not understanding me

He’s not hearing me

He’s not signing how exactly I wanted it, must tell him

He’s not signing what I wanted, must tell him

The gift now with a big smile

The message now, with a big smile and with a perfect English

Hey, don’t push me!

Hey, don’t steal my CD….

AFTER Thinking of/Thinking that

Wow,  glad of the experience: learnt a lot and will do it again as soon as possible, even with other artists I love

Got to take some pills to encourage my sleep these days

My English did work and he was petrified for what I told him: mission accomplished, English teachers

He was more than polite, he was sweet

They were all quiet with everyone, despite the mayhem, the mass of people we were

Have to admire they served more than the allowed: they really love their job and their fans

The music store personnel was amazing!

Family and co-workers did congratulate with me: all happy for me!

Can’t wait to see my pictures taken by the music store crew

Who knows, maybe someone of the crew shot me in a better perspective

DD TV xx


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