DD TV Dance Floor Massacre – November 2015

Our argument every time is developed in the three different phases, whose names took inspiration from groove and whose content changes according to the mood of the discussion. The “forerunner” is like an introduction, the “tour de force” is the place hosting the hottest words, and the “slow dance” is the conclusion.



We previously focused on a blog post how DJs today are getting true pop stars, acclaimed music icons, sometimes also talented and intuitive music producers for pop/rock stars. They’re achieving the places once reserved only to guys who made music and never span the records on a turntable.

This is the effect of a global change of perception and taste of the music fans: this change forced the music institutions, such as MTV, Billboard, various radio and TV stations to include a Music Award for this category of artists.


If you belong to the older generation of music fans, you’d find yourself a bit like a fish out of water, ‘coz today almost everything in music was upset. No, leave your nostalgia behind and stay tuned on the present, the changes brought like fresh air in the environment!

DJs deserve the new role they got today: they did give an incredible contribution to older long time artists to be still relevant today, by passing their music or clips on the music stations and by promoting the new music. DJs grew up in the clubs and learnt how to deal with music, how to create it.

Few pop musicians decided to leave their ordinary job and to go on tour in the clubs; they chose to become entertainers and music makers.  Nobody taught and trained them to do DJ sets: they have a strong ego, whereas DJs are just professional. It’s in this decade we had the “encounter” of these two fronts of pop culture. Nobody is the winner and nobody is the looser.

Record companies had the control on pop musicians, DJs were independent. Record companies sent their artists to the various Music Awards shows and stages, so what impact had on this the growing number of successful DJs?

DJs now have their followers, they do publish solo records, aside their clubbing life, but a full acknowledgement of their job hasn’t happened. Sometimes DJs have the luck to be appointed music producers by big record companies and this help them to gain some visibility in the most important Awards shows.

We think time is a healer: music industry is changing but slowly. Gradually. We would like to see the world rating DJs equal to musicians, but the shock is the same as when digital music broke everywhere.


As opposite to musicians, DJs can’t count on imagery, they have their talent and energy as the only resources to use to be noted.

A music fan gets excited about an awesome album, an amazing artwork, a stunning video clip and memorable live show. A DJ fan loves an awesome night in a famous disco-club, a remixed DJ compilation and, when lucky, a memorable production on a famous artist’s album.  Complicated, we guess…

Which of the above mentioned fan categories would a Best DJ Music Award make happy? The answer to this is gradually coming, just have trust on the process.

DD TV  xxx


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