DD TV Glam rock party – December 2015


We were watching an Italian TV documentary, which is used to air reportage on mysteries, on odd events and the so-called theories of conspiracy. It is well done; the speaker is enough persuading, credible. At some point footage on rock music was aired: according to a theory of conspiracy, the sexy rock video clips are deliberately outrageous to let the listeners incapable to have children; watching on TV sexy nude bodies might discourage the fans to have children. It’s a crazy idea, but it I true that today rock stars are going beyond the limit of bearable transgression.

2014 saw the loss of at least a couple of rock legends: Joe Cocker, Jack Bruce (the Cream, bassist) and the Rolling Stones’ sax player: rest in peace and you’ll be sadly missed. They were unique figures in the rock industry, that’s why so much exploited at a point in their long time careers; their stardom lead to booze and drugs, which all had a toll on their health.

The 1986 circa so called “hair – metal” is what you probably would call “hard pop”: the second-mid rockers had a too strong imagery that they appeared too “soft” to be aside the other proper rock acts. We loved those “hard pop” musicians, because they were in contrast to the techno – rap – house music guys that was surfacing in that moment: “hair metal” was just amazing guitar riffs opposite to the then contemporary launch of the Ibiza dance clubs.

Off the current international charts, we are recently watching a vacuum of experiments in pop music, now invaded by the rappers, and a wave of “new ideas” in rock music. Yay!

We are noticing there is more energy in promoting pop music acts and albums than promoting rock music bands: when in rock music, the key word is simply “live tour”, in pop music it takes more than one key word to keep the fans awaken.

We wonder if the decision of releasing globally new studio records on Fridays would have a stronger impact in pop or in rock music in terms of sales. (!?).

Female musicians have sold more records than their male mates in the music industry, it is well known, but the male musicians’ albums make more noise, no matter it’s rock or pop music.



It is one of the records written and released during the first Gulf War and that conflict was a terrific source of inspiration for everyone here, in the Western world. We find that album awesome, because it sounds spontaneous, natural, no song seems to have followed the “working and re-working” attitude typical of the perfectionists and so rare in rock music. Guitars and drums are TOP; lyrics feature all anger against the parts involved in: Saddam, G. Bush, everyone else. Although the rage, the loud noise on, we can feel, to some extent, a certain melody; to some extent you can dance to the music and you can clearly catch what the lead singer is yelling. I loved it, but, obviously, nobody of us like the Gulf War(s).

Our fave songs: Holy wars, Dawn patrol, Rust in in peace… Polaris, Take no prisoners.



It is one of the best alternative rock albums we ever heard.

There are rock things, aside country and more pop influenced songs, but it is not a “standard” music studio album. The guys included in the track listing brilliant and absolutely very original ideas, which sound like a brand new wave in today music (after a long time. We think they follow bands like The Dandy Warhols, or The Killers, but the FF are even “bolder” and “braver”, possibly.

Our fave tracks are: Love Illumination, the title track, Treason! Animals, Bullet and Goodbye lovers and friends.






DD TV xx


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