DD TV 2015 Music Awards – what was all about


Another year passed by (a little quickly, for us, actually) and it couldn’t be called a “year” without the annual Music Awards. We couldn’t start the Christmas week without making a proper blog exclusively dedicated to the Annual show.

Firstly, we’ll begin to shortly describe what happened in the after-show party.

Later, after the announcements of nominees and winners posted on the TV website, we reconvened to discuss, to enjoy all music involved in (general and Duran portion), we shared some laughter, and we had a toast to the winners. There was a tribute, a music medley we thought to do to celebrate Paper Gods, the latest album of our fave band which was the soundtrack on the artwork of the “Nomination Cards” of their related section of the Awards and we thought it was right to celebrate it. The set included “Donna Summer’s Sunset People”/Danceophobia /Pressure off. It was all projected as a clip on a screen, each piece had its “hologram”  as it follows: Donna Summer had her iconic long-haired silhouette a microphone in her hand; Danceophobia was an animated big rose, with the flower dancing up and down at the beat, the petals moving like lips as Simon sang, a butterfly was flying around and over the rose during the Lady Lohan’s portion; Pressure Off had two laser full screen human 4 eyes and 2 mouths projected, mouths moving at Simon and at Janelle Monae parts. On the left, a sort of Rasta-stylized haired hologram (think of the Bob Marley silhouette, sort of  …) dancing at the beat and that was Nile Rodgers!. Everyone was amazed at this laser projection with holograms of our medley.

The rockers in the crew wanted to contact a local Metallica tribute band to do instead a Pressure Off rock version, based on the Metallica single “I Disappear”, but luckily the hologram project has been easier to work on!

The feedback on the winners now.

General Portion: we thought it was right to mention Eagles of Death Metal when we had to present the Best Concert Award. Actually, the guys, after the Paris attacks became the symbol of a renewed feeling towards live music (unfortunately to them and to us thanks to those events). The comedians making satire was another strong symbol of the year, the most positive one, which we agreed got the Award. The Fact of the Year will soon have a little set of pics that will be uploaded on the FB site.

Duran Duran Portion: the 1985 Arcadia album won the Best Album Award and it was a total surprise to us. We were not sure how to introduce it while we were giving the Award. True is that the record got 30 years and the current line-up of the band is celebrating the anniversary, true that musically Arcadia was the biggest, heaviest influence on the band’s music since 1986 and the other band members playing in the various lines-up never complained about it… but it wasn’t a proper Duran album!!! Embarrassment? No, just a positive, but real shock to us. The rest were confirmations, like Save a Prayer as Best Song and Secret Oktober as Best B Side.

Now to end the snippets for the future.

The nomination will be taken from February 1st.

The music categories will remain the same ones, so Best DJ Award will be there again, with the same method, that is the first part of 5 names in June, than another part around late October.

Someone is thinking to don’t do anymore the Member of the Year Award, because logically Simon LeBon is THE winner ever. As a response, the rest of our crew is proposing to change a couple of rules of the game.

Happy Holidays.

DD TV xx


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