DD TV – on the radio


We kept under control the main Italian radio stations and the main music TV stations, mostly during the post-dinner time.

These are the statistics of the airplays of the songs off the catalogue of Duran Duran, our fave music band in pop music.

This is what we could catch on the radio this year.

The songs of the 80s totally aired are: 33

The songs of the 90s totally aired are: 14

The songs of the 2000s totally aired are: 20

For a total amount of airplays: 78

The Power Station versus Arcadia: 7 – 4

The most aired song of the 80s is:  The Wild Boys

The most aired song of the 90s is: Shelter

The most aired song of the 2000s is: Girl Panic

Our thoughts and opinions

We were pleased to hear also album tracks, so songs unknown to people who are not their fans and we think this new step from the DJs is a good one. Every music fan doesn’t necessarily agree with the singles choices of the record label.

Arcadia is widely the most loved B Side project in the fandom, but on the radio their “rivals” the Power Station encountered a larger success. It is a big surprise, because rock music is usually less “radio-friendly” so to speak, than pop music is.

What about the web radio stations or the radio stations that now have a TV channel? They have been the best two new things lately and we decided to rate them as “radio stations” and to include them in our monitoring activity.

The release of Duran’s new studo album “Paper Gods” did have an influence on the airplay: all radio stations actually aired ALL the tracks. We hope those tracks would be aired and be heard again more this new year!

The Duran catalogue is subject of our report and statistics on very early January in the year, but we love “counting” the airplays of the songs of U2, Michael Jackson, Madonna, Eagles, Toto, Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Spandau Ballet.

This much we wanted to share.

Our “on the radio” featurette will be back next January.

Happy new year everybody reading us …. and keep up your awesome job radio DJs!


DD TV xx


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