DD TV The Reader – January 2016


“Inferno” by Dan Brown

It was another amazing read from one of my fave writers and nothing is granted with this popular writer, because, for instance, I didn’t like the final ridiculous epilogue of his best seller “Angels and Demons”.

He’s able to write amazing history-venture-novels, so I could find elements to learn on specific subjects: here I learnt more about Florence, Venice, discovered the trans-humanists.

I found this novel as maybe more “romantic” than his previous books: the protagonist was like a father for Sienna Brooks.

“The Old Man and the Sea” by Ernest Hemingway

It was obvious to me to want reading whatever written by the American legendary writer after getting back from my vacation in Cuba. I even visited his house at The Havana!!!

By most of the people I heard, this wasn’t Hemingway’s best novel, but I advised to in order to have an idea of his writing style, which I actually had.

The story reads a bit silly, first. It is about the venture of an unlucky Cuban old fisherman, Santiago. One day he sails away with his boat in the Ocean, miles away from the coast and manages to hook a big fish. The fish keeps hooked to his boat and pulls Santiago’s boat away for days. When Santiago decided to kill the fish to eat it, hungry sharks approach to his boat and start biting away pieces of the big fish, leaving Santiago to struggle to keep some of what he so luckily had fished! The sharks nearly mange to eat all of the fish, but Santiago arrives home wounded and exhausted. At the Havana port, where his boat is, other fishermen notice a big skeleton attached to the back of the vessel and come to realize it was the skeleton of a shark!

That’s the story, but it is, in my opinion, a deep and thought-provoking one on the ageing, on life, on luck in general.

To some extent it reminds me of the story of that recent cartoon movie by Pixar titled “Up”, featuring a venturous old man. No?


Sphere – by Michael Crichton

I watched the movie with Dustin Hoffman and Sharon Stone some time ago. Funny that the movie was still on a VHS.


This time I picked up for my wishing list the following book:  “The girl in the fog” by Donato Carrisi

It’s a thriller novel. It deals with the disappearing of a teenage girl during a foggy day and the investigations are manipulated by a policeman.


Next update June 2016


DD TV xx


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