Celebrities passing away – moe thoughts


RIP David Bowie, Lucio Dalla, Elvis Priesley, Michael Jackson, Andy Warhol, Lou Reed, Frank Zappa, John Lennon, Freddie Mercury, Lucio Battisti and the other innovators, ground-breaking and revolutionary artists. My heart is broken for the loss of these artists, for the vacuum left. I’m grateful for their legacy, which I think should be treated as a lesson, more than a simple influence.

When a very important celebrity passes away the reaction is global, it’s amazing how the whole world really pays homage to him, with no matter of color of skin, culture, gender, age, it’s amazing how it is a world-wide shock …. It’s amazing how almost immediately media changes their playlists and schedule to pay tribute. I don’t understand very much the impact on the charts and on the sales of the records of these artists, or the worth of their pieces of art in the auctions, like Christie’s , Sotheby’s: no money can express the meaning of the legacy and I don’t like certain items are treated like relics (example, hair, nails, ….a tooth).

Comparing their passing to my loved ones’ one, who died before and some of whom went away at a younger age than the celebrities above, I guess it’s the most natural and most human immediate reaction we poor “mortal fans” have is to get jealous. I am not going to list and write the sufferings of some of my family members who were gone before, but there is rage, there is a sort of “jealousy” towards the world who is united in paying tributes and homages. My own “jealousy” soon passes away after a few hours and I feel better as soon as I join the rest of the fandoms in crying.

Mainly, most of the tears I experienced are in the music industry and my worries are on the vacuum left after the passing away of such Artists, named with capital “A” and I blame the overwhelming success of the TV Talent shows. I found all of the artists coming out, maybe talented, but no one will ever be as much ground-breaking as the icons of my generation. The newly discovered “TV talents” come out according to the taste of the coach, too, who gives them instructions to not be “icons”, but to be “decent performers”. I noticed a total lack of lyricists, of composers à la Moroder or à la Enno Morricone: as far, lastly, other celebrities off my generation join the “Coach Teams” in those Talent Shows, they fuel the lack of “talentdom”, so to speak, and we are doomed to cry a river until the last icon left passes away. This adds more tears to tears. We really need to stop the TV Talent shows and to put the old record industry back at the center of the game: this way, without the TV screen and the illusion of getting immediate success, the young peeps will have to fight to be noticed by the masses.

The latest to be cried was David Bowie and I wondered of hearing all artists I know saying the quote: “ I wouldn’t be here without him”. 1) Really all of musicians claim they couldn’t make it without Bowie? Well, I can’t believe they’re all idiots and Bowie was the intelligent, smart  one; 2) the legacy is definitely “spiritual” , it’s like a gift of know-how, savoir-faire to the younger performers, 3) I heard similar quotes when other legendary artists passed away (I can remember Frank Zappa) and I feel proud about being one in the music fans who grew in the same generation of peeps who worship Bowie and the others.

To finish, I am supposed to say if, in my opinion, my long time fave music act who claimed, since their Day One, they received massive influence on their songs from Bowie: my answer is a big “Yes”, they managed to be a “chameleon band” (they never realized the same album twice and you can cut their long time career in “eras” (exactly like DB did). Their ambition had a price, though:  being a band meant not all the band members agreed at any new direction decided. I think I’m right if I say, with a little sense of humor that to become “Bowiean” they “killed” three guitarists, one bass player and one drummer (but both bass player drummer “resurrected” years later! Lol!)

To me the most Bowie-esque song of my fave band is “Union of the Snake”: the “Union” drum beat is a loop of  David Bowie’s “Let’s dance”.  David Bowie’s “Let’s dance” is the most “Duran-esque” track: apart from the drum beat loop, during the frustrating recording sessions of the album, which eventually included the above “Union of the snake”,  John and Andy Taylor decided to see Bowie in a concert during the “Serious Moonlight tour” and met with David Bowie and his drummer Tony Thompson: in that moment, in the backstage with drummer Tony Thompson, they put down the foundation to form their super rock band, the Power Station.

To all of you, rock in peace.

DD TV xx


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