DD TV Glam Pop Party – January 2016

DD TV Glam Pop Party – clothes and style


We have all cried and we are sure we won’t quickly stop doing it over the loss of the awesome and legendary rock star David Bowie.

He’s the artist who could change style and outfit at every song he did, sometimes getting us surprised, other times getting us embarrassed, mostly amazed. He mostly could always be as much influential on others, as nobody else was able to do on him, or on other artists today.

This month we are going to share it with you a list featuring our reaction to the different clothing/styles phases of his career that we knew and/or that we discovered later.



Space Oddity and Star man

These were the very first melodies and songs we heard when we were kids, during our early childhood. We guess we even learnt more English on those songs, … Lol! For us kids they were just music pieces we heard, but the artist Bowie wasn’t in our blood yet. We more often heard Space Oddity on the radio, in fact later it became a milestone song.

Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars

We first heard of this album in the 80s, when teenagers and in their interviews most of our fave artists did speak of this album as an influence. We never heard the entire album, but we watched the clips of the singles and… we at any time got like in a state of awe.

Life on Mars

Ditto as above.

Aladdin Sane

The famous portrait featuring his pale face crossed by a beautiful red-blue coloured lightning on the right eye… We can remember we saw that picture, but to this day we have never heard the album! We can guess someone for Carnival this year might disguise as the Aladdin Sane character…


We know this song so well… from his performance at Live Aid in 1985, it was love at first chord. It is a dark song, on Berlin and the situation in Germany at the time of the Wall, but we found that out now.

Ashes to ashes

We love hearing this song on the radio. We have rarely caught the clip on the TV music stations in the course of the years, so we can’t tell that much, but we heard it was artistic as much as the rest he shot.

Let’s dance

Oh, this is our fave 80s’ track: he had the dandy rock outfit and Nile Rodgers was on the production of the album from which the song was taken. It was a combination of factors (imagery and music genre) that impressed us, although today we think it was a little commercial direction.

Tin Machine

Amazing hard rock experiment, irresistible for us rock music lovers. He reminds us Robert Palmer: both of them in suit and tie, performing hard rock things with their apparent quiet. His career was a bit in the dark at this time and wanted to keep a low profile, but guys… we adore the Tin Machine’s albums.


The electro-pop move: he used amazing DJs on this album. We can remember an opening live performance at the San Remo Music Festival, in Italy, in early 1997: before the Italian artists did their thing, the presenter arrived, he introduced David Bowie and his band and they started to play “Little wonder”, which was the track on promotion: at the end of the performance there was a standing ovation! We ere impressed by how easily he passed from the melodic rock of “Black Tie White noise” to the electro-rock of Earthling.

The Next Day

It was the 2013 album, the one nobody expected to hear , because after 10 years off of the public eye….  He used amazing guitar riffs on it.

Black Star

We still have some apprehension to watch the “Lazarus” clip, because we are aware he’s gone and he does simulate his passing away on the clip.

We want time to be a healer. The album is going to be a future “Two weeks album”.


In the end …

We think we’ll bring in our hearts the Aladdin Sane picture, we rate it as his symbol, his most representative picture.

We think we could use a still from his clip of the clip “DJ” whenever we post a new DJ set on our Facebook page… stay tuned!

Rock in peace David and thanks for the awesome music. What a legacy …. No one now is able to replace you, at least immediately.



DD TV xx


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