Being a rock star’s wife: where are love, rock and the stars?

Being a rock star’s wife: where is love, where is rock, where are the stars? – The birth of the first child


When I was a teen I just wished I could have a healthy, gorgeous baby, in peace. I day dreamt to have it in a quiet hospital and then going out. Showing to the media and to the fans, a bit like the British Royal Family members do when they present the Royal Baby to the world. Being in a fandom worshipping a number one band in the world back then, I didn’t realize I had to deal with the jealousy of thousands of fans.

Years later: still daydreaming to enjoy my motherhood in the most peaceful place for him and for me: I hope his schedule would be cleaned on that very day! Today presenting a special, famous newborn baby is easier, as sharing news is faster, thanks to the growth of the social media and I can choose the media where to announce the birth, so to protect at best our privacy. His fans? They would leave their more or less positive comments on his social Pages and accounts and I wouldn’t matter, at the moment: I would not be rude to the fans; all of my best thoughts and care would go on my new family.


When I was a teen I thought part of his name did necessarily have to feature his name. His popularity did deserve a sign, on his legacy… I also thought it would be nice to add a middle name.

Years later: his name can shine for many years to come as a rock star, thanks to his songwriting, his billions of records sold, his legendary concerts, his Music Awards he received throughout his career… I think the child’s name would get “heavier” if he were christened also with his name. I guess it would be nicer and better for the both of us to pick up just our fave names, or names picked up by other members of our families


When I was a teen I loved fantasizing to be in friendly terms with every side of our families: his side’s and my own, more humble family. I never had negative thoughts on the new group of people, in my dreams they were people I could trust on.

Years later. Well, I guess I’d have to work to be the best friend on a famous rock star’s family, to be accepted as a music fan, who just mothered. All would be easier if the fandom where I am from isn’t intrusive, invading, domineering.


When I was a teen. Back in my teenage, having a child from my fave rock star didn’t mean an achievement, I never thought of his birth as “Oh yes, money forever … “I was the romantic ever girl and it was just love.

Years later: nothing changed, maybe because of my education and of my family origins. Secondly, I got disillusioned, especially about how groupies of the 70s turned into the today fans; I am disillusioned about money circulating the music industry and that world is poorer than the one I fancied about. This “evolution of things” helped me to “confirm” my teenage equation “rock star’s baby = love”.


DD TV xx


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