DD TV Glam Pop Party -February 2016

DD TV Glam Pop Party – the video clips

We have been watching and using clips off You Tube recently and we have thought it could be funny to make a list to resume how far the video clip music is . We tried to put some humour and make it hilarious here and there, so feel free to laugh, when it’s due.



The Live clips

We have noticed that if we watch the recent live performances of big rock legends and of long time stars, people tell us it is not nostalgia: it shows how still amazing they grew!


The official clips

We watch them to check out where “arts” in video music is going to… lol! We try to never do any comparison with the 80s clips, but it is a stimulating research for the new, for innovation, for the evolution of this field of the arts. Our 80s icons put the seeds then and we love that today artists are taking fruition of those seeds.


The EPKs

We love watching the EPKs of  whoever music band, : we think it’s the visual version of the CD inlay card/booklets we have in our hands: it is also funny to see the thrill for the new release on our fave artist’s face! The EPKs sort of “humanize” the CD booklets.


The TV appearances

The promo TV appearances are the best promo tools to support the new record out and we love watching the funniest ones. We laugh with the most hilarious numbers, like with Jimmy Fallon on his American TV, for example.


The full concerts ….

We are music fans and we love live music! How can we give up from watching full concerts on You Tube and from not purchasing the related DVDs? Artists they sometimes agree to TV stations to shoot their concerts and few days after you find that entire gig rolling on the web!  How amazing it is, but we are loyal fans and we’d rather getting the related live albums.

The live performance aired on streaming are a great introduction recently, but we think they should be removed from the web immediately after the end of the show…


Using clips to show up one’s talent/musicianship

We find and love watching the clips of really talented musicians, young and less, who play covers of their fave hits. These guys use the clips in the hope to “hook” music producer outside. It’s not art, but just musicianship!


The V-logs

This new form of clip isn’t so spread in our area, but instead of writing , the bloggers go and sit in front of a web cam and shoot their discussion! It is less stressful than writing, but you have to keep your emotions, nerves etc. … under control and have to remember all things you want to say!



DD TV xx


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