Live Shows – how to get excited


I’m writing this on the occasion of the start, in a few days, of the 2016 leg of the tour of my fave music act. I feel excited, although I have seen the guys performing twice and both of the times I enjoyed the music and the company I was with.

It seems it is going to be the last tour for a while as they are working on projects that have nothing to do with stages: they’re writing a musical! So yes, they’re performing on stages, but they’ll be behind the scenes, although their music will be the absolute star. This is changing my prospective as a music fan: got to make an effort to think they won’t disappear, but just go playing BEHIND the stage.

I’m reading few of the blogs their fans attending next gigs are writing and I have to say they’re “pure energy” to me: I’m not planning to move this year, but their words of excitement, also of frustration when looking for the “best ticket concert” reactivate my same thoughts of the last times I attended. We have all in our mind the tragic Paris facts at the Bataclan music club: I don’t think musicians and us fans would remove those images easily and immediately from our mind. The fact that we all witnessed such events is getting our love for music stronger, possibly, it’s making us also aware of the legacy music is giving us: I’m excited, because it’s as if every future concert could be the last one.

The fans, we all know it, go and attend using their smartphones to shoot their heroes while performing: when home those clips are shared. Why do I love watching those clips? There are few reasons why I do it. Firstly, those clips are a sort of a real warm-up: don’t make me wrong, I know the set list changes, I know of their audio quality, but those few seconds of live footage are hot. The set list, the rearrangements, the choreography and the rest of the technical details I can see (and those I will see…!) end up in arguments (sometimes “heated” arguments!) with the fellow fans and they’re the heart of my reviews. The outfit, the getting closer to each other of the band members moments, the make-up … usually all of that ends up in making gossip; I don’t like sharing gossip on my social accounts or blogs: I’d rather keep it in the more human chats outside of the computer.

How are going to be my future reviews? I guess very similar in the approach to the ones I did so far. My reviews are going to feature the set list and mostly the rest of “technicalities” which are part of the performances. I think I’d be tempted to put my thrills, that is things like “I love how they play it, they’d better not perform it”, in view of their permanent tentative of changing, renewing, testing…

I’ll try to leave out the terms describing my mood after viewing the live number, as I love writing my opinions on the technicalities. I’ll try to do few lines on my fave numbers off the gigs. I’ll try to include both the new and old material off their long time catalogue.

Don’t think my reviews will reach my fave music stars and their fans will hear few of what I’ll say. My heroes are just on the road, busy, concentrated and locked in their schedule. The fans will be too excited to read my lonely opinions.


DD TV xx


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