DD TV The screamer – March 2016

WHAT DOES MAKE PEOPLE RATE A VOICE A “UNIQUE” ONE (Think of the very recent losses, like Mango, Joe Cocker, Demis Roussous, think of Sting, Bryan Adams)


We are a variegated crowd of listeners and music lovers and we have to admit it, we don’t always have the same taste: and thank you God!

We have our fave music thru the radio, the TV and today thru the computers and all give you a different level of audio quality, especially when you hear the vocalists and during the live performances.

On the other hand, you once had the record companies that came thru the demos of who today are our most loved vocalists and they picked up who to launch and to support: the record label men had to have the best technical ears to catch the voices and to pick that one “a unique” one.

We fans we guess another kind of “ear” to judge the voices, but most of all it’s the “originality” of the vocal performance: it’s just saying: “.. the first time I hear anyone singing like that”: it could be a screaming with style, it could be a prolonged falsetto, it could be crooning, it could be a “dry, rock” voice. We fans we love “visualizing” the sound of the voice, (… as we grew up in the video music age.. Lol!)

In the past years, the “unique” voices” were found by the record labels, but it was up to us fans keeping them relevant for the following years: we actually purchased their records, just for the pleasure of listening to the voice. Now listeners have more choices to hear singing: the social platforms, the TV Talent shows, the radio stations, but such a more competitive world, the possibilities of being relevant for a long time are fewer, although it’s better the listeners have the same privileged role to judge as the one record companies had in the past.

What can we long time music listeners suggest them to make their voice “unique”: we think the unicity of a voice is gained at the birth and it has to be kept training it.

We think also the vocalists are aware of the unicity of their voice, but it is funny we never hear them speaking of it in their interviews; we just love their apparent modesty, of their apparent being grounded.

We are grateful to the musicians and technicians, who collaborate and spend time with them in the studio, because they are able to build around the right melodies and sounds in order to keep their voice relevant in every song written together.

We are grateful to the record labels for finding and feeding these fab vocalists. The record companies contributed to build and to share their legacy.



The 4th edition of the Talent Show kicked off on 24th February  2016.

We have seen few changes in the coaches crew: two long time coaches and one off the 2015 edition had announced they weren’t going to be back this year and they even criticized the way music is treated on TV.

The new coaches are Emis Killa, (a young rapper), Raffaella Carrà (a comeback after 2 years; she is one of the major Italian show girls), Dolcenera, (an amazing young Italian songster), Max Pezzali, (a lovely and talented young Italian musician).

The first “Blind audition” was a bit of low-profile, that is the applicants didn’t sound of the same quality/level as of the past. Also, we noticed the obscene language spoken by most of the new coaches: we were a little embarrassed to hear all of those “F*ck” pronounced here and there in a gratuitous way. Luckily, the following auditions were more enjoyable and the voice quality improved.



The 2015 edition was won by a young guy named Giosada and he wasn’t the favourite. The music act expected to get the final prize was a band. We instead supported for the only woman vocalist, Enrica, from Skin’s team.

The guests for the final show were Coldplay and the awesome Italian act Cesare Cremonini.

All of our support to the 2016 winner, then Giosada: wishing you the best only!


DD TV xx


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